Annoying things people do in church

J Lee Grady (pictured), a leading Christian columnist and former editor of one of America’s most influential religious publications, Charisma magazine, has compiled a list of the most annoying things people do during a church service, after carrying out an impromptu poll amongst his Facebook friends. The following annoying habits made his Top Ten list, which he published in his column. Hope you’re not guilty of any of them!



  1. Talking during a service
  2. Texting or surfing the web during a service
  3. Sleeping (or snoring!) during a sermon
  4. Clipping fingernails during church
  5. Answering a ringing phone in church
  6. Constantly getting up and leaving the auditorium, presumably to use the toilets
  7. Walking out of a service early, especially during a prayer
  8. Letting babies cry incessantly in the service
  9. Chewing or smacking gum
  10. Public display of affection

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