Black Christians fuelling church growth in London

According to a new report, Britain’s Black Christian community is driving the growth of the churchgoing public in London.

The London Church Census, commissioned by London City Mission, discovered that, between 2005 and 2012, the number of people going to church in the UK’s capital rose by 16% and that, during this period, two new churches opened in London every week.

Two thirds of the new churches opened were Black Pentecostal churches, and one third were churches that catered for various ethnic groups.

The Report also claims that 720,000 people now attend a Sunday service in London, and that almost half of all churches in inner London (48%) are Black and comprise 28% of worshippers in London as a whole. Almost one in five (19%) of Black Londoners now regularly go to church, with two thirds attending Pentecostal churches.

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