Meet The Artist – Sam Adebanjo

Sam Adebanjo went from being a Muslim, homeless, and in trouble with the law, to finding God and becoming the visionary behind MOBO-nominated gospel group, DTWG (Desire To Worship God). He talked to KEEP THE FAITH about the group’s latest album, ‘Sam & DTWG’.

Keep The Faith: What do you hope this new album will achieve?
SAM ADEBANJO (SA): Today’s generation is being too easily led down the wrong path, by music that promotes negative messages. If we can change things and promote positive messages by way of gospel music, then it would make a huge impact to our society in a truly beneficial way.

KTF: What challenges have you faced putting this Project together?
SA: This Project hasn’t been an easy journey at all. We have faced spiritual attacks, money issues, lost members in the group, etc. I feel this has happened only to make the Project bigger and better!

KTF: How would you describe DTWG’s style of music?
SA: Sam & DTWG’s music style is an eclectic gospel mix; it comprises of contemporary worship, neo-soul, R’n’B, with funky beats and African-inspired sound.

KTF: What are your aspirations for DTWG, and how do you hope to achieve this?
SA: Sam & DTWG strongly believe this album will change this generation and heal emotional wounds. We hope to offer an alternative message, which we hope will inspire, uplift, encourage and comfort everyone – regardless of the situation. We currently travel across the country ministering. It’s our hope to top the UK music charts, to get our music on radio station and TV.

KTF: Do you believe gospel music should cross over into mainstream music and, if so, why?
SA: Gospel music is for everyone; it shouldn’t be just for Christians. Gospel music is about winning souls, so we need to reach those who don’t know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

KTF: When writing songs for DTWG, where do you get your inspiration?
SA: I write songs to encourage myself and hopefully to encourage others. When I wrote ‘Holding On’, for example, I thought about the times when I’ve felt like giving up; the times I’ve questioned whether I am good enough, or worried about being strong enough, and in those times I hold on to God.

KTF: On the first CD, ‘The Missions’, it sounds like a love letter to Africa. Why is that?
SA: Afrobeats is very popular at the moment; we wanted to have music that people can dance to, relate to and be inspired by.

KTF: As well as ministering in song, you also have a mentoring programme. Can you tell us about this?
SA: The aim of the Mentoring Scheme is to create a positive, valuable learning experience for young people. We work with ‘Active Horizons’ (a youth-led charity) and professional adults, with a view to improving skills and learning about others through a series of structured meetings. We do this as part of DTWG’s vision, not only to deliver great music but also to make a difference for this generation.

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