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Church of England to set up credit unions

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has shared he’ll allow credit unions to set up on CofE premises, in order to provide competition to payday lenders, seen by many as ‘legal loan sharks’. The Archbishop, who recently met with Errol Damelin, the head of Wonga, one of the UK’s largest payday lenders, told him he wants to “compete him out of business”.



Test your Bible knowledge with free App

Christians keen to increase their general Bible knowledge can do so with the free 3R Bible quiz app created by Christian, Olusegun Victor Ibitoye. Available for download on smartphones or tablets, the 3R Bible quiz app tests an individual’s scriptural knowledge on three difficulty levels, over five subject areas. The creator hopes his app will increase people’s biblical intelligence, and allow them to have fun at the same time.

Pope visits Brazil


During his first visit to Brazil, Pope Francis told crowds gathered at Rio de Janeiro for mass, to avoid the “idols of money, sex and power”, and encouraged the older generation to work more closely with the younger generation, stating, “Young people are a powerful engine for the Church and for society. They do not need material things alone. Also, and above all, they need to have held up to them those non-material values, which are the spiritual heart of a people, the memory of a people.”

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