Meet The Artist: Triple O

It’s been over nine years since multi award-winning UK artist, Triple O, flew onto the scene. The MOBO Award winner talks to Bee Suarez on his highly anticipated free mixtape,‘Telescopes and White Roses’. Tuck in below for the full view:

BEE SUAREZ (BS): It’s been a while since the fans have heard anything from you; how have you been spending your time away from the limelight?

TRIPLE O (TO): I never really stopped gigging, only slowed down and moved into doing more acoustic/coffee shop bars and shows, where the crowds weren’t really in the ‘Christian circles’, so they treated me as a brand new artist. Other than that, I’ve been working full time, and running E Demeanour (the Men’s fellowship I established) has been keeping me extremely busy.

BS: There has been so much talk regarding your highly-anticipated mixtape, ‘Telescopes and White Roses’. What can we expect in the way of sound?

TO: Sound-wise, the Project is an extension of ‘SupersonicSoneteer’ – a project which was solely old skool hiphop, but fuses that with high energy ‘trap + double time’ elements. Also, being a praise and worship leader at church, I have found the confidence and creative leeway to sing on this Project, something I have very rarely done in the past.

BS: Tell us a little about what inspired the album’s title and direction.

TO: I was heavily inspired by the dark place I found myself in during the summer of 2012, and the way that I was able to lean on God and those around me to stand up and ‘keep breathing’, even when I really didn’t want to. I think there is so much pressure on people in authority to act as if everything is alright, when the reality is that they struggle just as much (if not more) than those they are leading, and so need just as much encouragement from the people who claim to love and support them. So, the overall direction of the Project was always going to be ‘HOPE’. A message I pride this body of work on.

BS: The first single from the album, ‘Never Let Me Down’ (featuring Hayley Cassidy) has been received really well. How did the collaboration come about?

TO: Hayley and I have been friends for years, and I have been a fan of her work for time. So I’m the kind of person that plans his features years in advance, and I already knew that it was going to happen; it was just a matter of when. And when that beat came my way, I just knew that it was perfect for her, and it really was. She smashed the track, and took it beyond my expectations – forcing me to make it a single.

BS: When can we expect Telescopes and White Roses to be released? And where can fans get their copy?

TO: The Project itself will be available for free download on my website, which launches in September,, Rapzilla’s website, and quite a few other places.

BS: And finally, what else does the rest of 2013 have in store for you?

TO: Videos, videos and more videos. I plan to be shooting quite a few for the songs on the Project, as well as making sure the free album is taken to the mainstream audience. Outside of music, I have a lot planned for E Demeanour. I find it hard to stop recording, so do look out for random freestyles and songs before the year ends.

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