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Churches can do more to help men ‘man up’

Rev David Shosanya’s article ‘Helping Men To Man Up in the 21st Century’ touched on some very important points regarding manhood and fatherlessness. As a single parent who attends church with her young sons, I think churches can do more to teach men about manhood and encourage them to live up to their responsibilities. They need to focus on impacting the lives of men from when they are young, and engage young boys like my sons in meaningful activities. Churches also have to be mindful that some of the men in their congregations might be estranged from their children, and be prepared to be involved in the process of reconciling fathers to their children. We know that many of the problems we face in the Black community are due to the fatherlessness that exists. Churches just need to be more active in addressing it.

Marjorie Andrews, Wolverhampton


Pastor Matthew is an inspiration

It was great to see Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo on the front cover of Keep The Faith magazine. It was well-deserved recognition of his contribution to the Church here in the UK. I would go as far as to say that he has helped to raise the bar for church leaders across the board, by letting them know that it is possible to reach large numbers of people with the Gospel, and to build mega churches where thousands attend to listen and be changed by the Gospel. Pastor Matthew is an inspiration. May God continue to bless the great work he is doing in the Kingdom.

Francis Olu, London


I loved Pastor Matthew’s interview


I’ve just finished reading the Keep The Faith interview with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, leader of Kingsway International Christian Centre. It left me in no doubt as to why he is considered a great leader. Many church leaders both admire and have been inspired by Pastor Matthew’s achievements, as he has demonstrated that, when we utilise the Media and the other various modes of communication available to share the Gospel, people will respond and become part of God’s Kingdom. I particularly enjoyed his response to the question about what he’s learnt about God, life, and leading a high-profile leadership over the years. One thing he pointed out is that leadership can be a long and lonely road. I, for one, am glad he’s still on it.

Jennifer Oliver, Essex


Yes, Sunday School does rock!

I cried with joy as I read Stephen Brooks’ article, ‘Sunday School Rocks’. I have been a Sunday School teacher for many years, and have often felt that most churches don’t fully value the work done via its Children’s Ministries. I have only continued to serve as the head of the Sunday School Department, because I know it is what God wants me to do. In serving in this role, not only do my team and I get to teach children eternal spiritual truths, we also get to build a relationship with them, and learn what areas of their lives to pray for. What has encouraged me over the years is that some of the children that I’ve taught have come back to me as grown adults to say how much they valued the teaching they received as young children. A couple of them have become ministers themselves – and I know it’s partly due to the fact that God told me to anoint and pray regularly for them. Message to church leaders: don’t undervalue the work of your Children’s Ministries. People don’t only come to know the Lord through your preaching…

Name and address supplied


Are you ready for love?

I was deeply touched by Matt Brooks’ article ‘Ready For Love’. It was great to read a single Christian man’s perspective about the whole issue of relationships and marriage, which wasn’t telling women that they had to be submissive; be good cooks, or look good in order to win a husband, but rather focused on the man’s role in a relationship, and how they should be preparing themselves – spiritually, emotionally and mentally – if they want to be married one day. I particularly enjoyed his comments about emotional purity, which called on men to examine their motives and some of the unhealthy attitudes and attention-seeking behaviour they bring to relationships. If all men thought like this, the world would be a wonderful place.

Rachel Foster, Birmingham

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