Meet the Artist: Victizzle

Christian artist/producer Victizzle’s new album ‘Time 2 Shine’ is out, and his career is on an upward trajectory since signing a management deal with Uprise Music. Victizzle spoke to Bee Suarez about his music, his album and his plans for future projects

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): Fans are still raving about the listening party you held recently. What were your favourite moments?
VICTIZZLE: I think my most favourite moment was seeing people that I went to secondary school with that I hadn’t seen in years. It was such a shock – yet a blessing – that after all these years, they still support me. I love that!

KTF: And now here we are with the critically-acclaimed ‘Time 2 Shine’ album.  What would you say are the Album’s standout tracks?
VICTIZZLE: For me, the standout tracks would be, ‘Let Go’ because of its unique drum pattern, sweet chords and guitars, its highly encouraging message, and soothing vocals from Seyi. ‘Be Alright’ is an awesome track, featuring Franklyn, Utter Once and my best friend from school days, Mark Asari.

KTF: Albums sometimes mirror the artists’ personal lives. What does ‘Time 2 Shine’ say about where you are in your life, and which song do you think represents that best?
VICTIZZLE: Time 2 Shine is definitely a reflection of my life and journey, as a Christian and as a human being. The best song that represents that, I believe, would be ‘My Story’. That song documents my life’s journey from a young boy into a young man, and talks about the difficulties of growing up in a difficult society that goes against your beliefs as a Christian.

KTF: You recently signed a management deal with Uprise Music. How did it come about?
VICTIZZLE: That was the most unplanned decision I’ve ever made in my life (LOL). I’ve never been managed before, and I’ve been running my career professionally for just over nine years. I spoke to Uprise Music TV; we met up for a meeting, and discussed what they could do for me and what I could do for them in return. I figured that I had nothing to lose, and I could use all the help I could get. The rest is history.

KTF: How did you establish yourself as a producer?
VICTIZZLE: “Victizzle On The Beat!” I made sure I tagged that on everything I produced, to let the people know who created the music that they were dancing to, crying to, laughing to, or just having a good time to. Producing the G-Force album, which won a MOBO in 2007, was really what gave me a platform in the UK Gospel circuit.

KTF: How have you been able to accomplish so much at a young age?
VICTIZZLE: I think it’s my determination and drive. I’ve always felt like I was the weird one back in school. I was never really as cool as the other kids; girls never really fancied me (LOL). And I just want people to know that it’s actually cool not to be like everyone else, and to stand out for simply being you.

KTF: Any dream collaborations?
VICTIZZLE: Timbaland is and always has been my indirect mentor, so collaboration with him is a must in my lifetime! (LOL)

KTF: Will there be an Afrobeat project from Victizzle?
VICTIZZLE: We don’t know; let’s wait and see…

KTF: What can we expect from Victizzle in the future?
VICTIZZLE: Expect nothing but greatness from Victizzle. More music, more albums and more productions for other artists across the globe.

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