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Tara Brown is a new artist on the horizon, who has just released her debut album, ‘Disappear Imperfect’.  She spoke to Keep The Faith about the release, launching it at the Jazz Café, and her plans for 2014.

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): How do you feel about the release of ‘Disappear Imperfect’ – your first ever album?
TARA BROWN (TB): Absolutely over the moon! Particularly because many of the songs on my album were written a few years ago; some were musically composed with a mate of mine, Rob J Hurst. It’s really rewarding to see songs I’d written come to light in such a positive way, and I have my producer, Nicky Brown, to thank, for allowing us to really keep that authenticity.

KTF: What’s the inspiration behind the release, and what kind of message do you want to convey to listeners?
TB: The songs were all birthed out of experiences I have had during my Christian walk. The ultimate message I want to convey to listeners, I guess, is that God is present – no matter what you’re going through. I guess I was tired of having a perception of Christianity that, once you get ‘saved’, your life is set. I want to show through my music that, actually, salvation is a process, and some of this walk gets gritty and grimy, but you’re not alone, and God is present. Ultimately, this process of salvation is the finding of yourself.

KTF: You took part in UK gospel talent show, Time To Shine. What did you enjoy most about being in it, and what were the key lessons you learnt about being a gospel artist?
TB: The whole process was amazing.  I met some really beautiful people, and I definitely enjoyed seeing people evolve from being nervous candidates at the start, to being gospel superstars at the finals. I think my key lesson was to never assume anything, and to ensure that whatever happens back stage never filters into your onstage performance. On stage, it’s just you and God, that’s it.

KTF: You got the opportunity to launch your album at the legendary Jazz Café last year. What was that experience like?
TB: The Jazz Café, for me, was like God seriously fulfilling one of my heart’s desires. I remember going there years ago to see an artist before he blew up.  The whole time I kept thinking ‘One day I’m going to perform on that stage’. Lo and behold, my manager, T, calls me and he’s like:  “Tara, guess where your album will be launching this year?” and I’m like: “Where?” and he’s like: “The Jazz Café!” I absolutely couldn’t believe it. The experience of performing at the Jazz Café was like the cherry on top of the icing of a very large and beautiful cake! It was a brilliant experience, it was the Launch!

KTF: Can you share how you got into music ministry?
TB: I always sang in church and had a heart for singing and music. I wrote my first song when I was about 10, but once I got saved and went to university, I played in a uni band called ‘Nexus’, and toured university pubs and London clubs for a couple of years. When I was 19 and started singing in a church band, that was when I got a revelation about singing for Jesus, and I started changing up the lyrics to songs I had previously written and began writing new songs, but with a different focus and energy.

KTF: Aside from your album release, what else should we expect from you in 2014?
TB: In 2014, expect to see me in a lot of places. I’m planning to do quite a few gigs to get this album heard by all of you lovely people out there, both inside and outside the UK. I will also be performing at this year’s Big Church Day Out in May, which I am very much looking forward to, so book up your tickets for that.

KTF: Describe yourself in five words.
TB: Five words only!? OK…  bubbly, bold, bright, earthy and tenacious J

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