Mind, Body and Soul by Lola Olarewaju

Honour God with our bodies by Lola Remi

This morning, during my morning run, I thought about what honouring God with my body meant to me, and two words came to mind: I do. Let me explain.

Most of us know the benefits that regular exercise – coupled with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains – has on the body, but do nothing with this knowledge. I admit I am in the minority; that is why I am an instructor.

To become more than the many that say, “I try,” you have to take this knowledge every day as you exercise your body. Leave behind “I try” to eat fruits and vegetables, and turn it into “I do”. Why? Because 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells me that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in me, whom I received from God. I am not my own; I was bought at a price. For me, this Scripture means I have a responsibility to look after this body to the best of my ability because, for a start, it isn’t mine. I was bought at a price and, when I made my decision to join the ‘Jesus Christ club’, I surrendered to Him ownership of all I am, including my body. Another reason is because I choose to honour God by how I use my body. Therefore, every time I exercise my body, not only does it help me control my weight, reduce my risk of heart disease, strengthen my bones and muscles, help improve my mood and boost my energy (because more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to my tissues, and help my cardiovascular system to work more efficiently), the best thing of all is that I honour God with the daily choices I make on a physical level, which inevitably benefits the spirit.

I often get asked the question of what is the relationship between the spirit and the body, and my answer is always the same. We (humans) are made of both dust (the physical) and the spirit, and both are intertwined. For as long as we are here on this earth, we need both spirit and body to exist and function. One cannot do without the other.  Without the body, our spirits here on earth can do nothing. We need both the physical body and the spirit to work hand in hand to fulfil God’s will in our daily lives. A fitter body with more energy can enable us to read and study our Bibles more, pray more, fast more, draw closer to God. A fitter body means our bodies are stronger and better equipped to fight and recover more quickly from sicknesses and diseases, leaving us with more strength to do the things God instructs us to do.   How do you honour God with your body? Are you like me and willing to leave “I try” behind for “I do”, because we desire to honour God? And, even though you may not get it right all the time, you can still give out a loud “I do”. If your attitude is one of ‘it’s my body and I can do what I like with it’, just remember 1 Corinthians 6:19 – “You are not your own, you were bought at a price.”  So why not join me, and let’s “I do” together. Happy New Year!

Healthy living can reduce high blood pressure

What is high blood pressure? Blood pressure is a measure of the force that your heart uses to pump blood around your body.  If this pressure is too high, it puts a strain on your arteries and on your heart, which makes it more likely that you will suffer either a heart attack, stroke or kidney disease.  Known as the “ Silent Killer”, around 30% of people in England today have high blood pressure, and many don’t even realise it.


According to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), people from an African/Caribbean background are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, and are amongst the highest risk for type 2 diabetes than other ethnic groups. There’s no single reason for this finding; however, a genetic element is believed to be a factor. If left untreated, high blood pressure increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.  It has no obvious signs or symptoms, which means the only way of knowing if there is a problem is to have your blood pressure measured by your GP. You can take steps to prevent high blood pressure by losing weight if you need to, exercising regularly, eating a healthy balanced diet, and cutting down on salt. For more information, visit www.bhf.org.uk.

Green tea

If you’re looking for a drink that will not only quench your thirst, but is also very good for you, then I’d suggest ‘Green Tea’. I was reacquainted with this very old friend of mine over the Christmas holidays, and I haven’t stopped drinking it. I love it!


Not only does it taste great, but it is also packed with loads of health benefits, such as helping to improve your immunity; it can also help prevent heart disease, burn fat, protect against diabetes and cancer, lower blood pressure, fight allergies, protect against Alzheimer’s disease, and the list goes on and on. Not only is this tea called a super food/drink, it’s a great way to help you get your daily water intake, also tastes fabulous, and is packed with lots of goodies for your body. So take it from me, and get drinking.

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