Christians encourages to explore corruption during Lent

The Bible Society is encouraging Christians to take a fresh look at corruption and justice throughout Lent,via Thirty Pieces of Silver, a pamphlet which explores these issues using Bible stories.

The pamphlet has been written by Bible Society Theologian in Residence, Dr Paula Gooder, as part of the Exposed campaign, which challenges Christians to look at their own views on corruption in relation to the Bible.

Biblical examples used to examine corruption and bribery in Thirty Pieces of Silver include: Adam and Eve’s self-interest; Samuel’s outspoken attack on kingship; the principle of Jubilee; John the Baptist and Zacchaeus; and culminating in Jesus’ own betrayal by Judas with the bribe of thirty pieces of silver.

It calls for Christians to look at their own lives and that of their church, along with organisations such as: local councils; national governments; and larger global institutions, such as the European Union and the United Nations.

The booklet also asks Christians to take practical actions during Lent, such as signing the Exposed call – – and even challenges church leaders to evaluate the transparency and prioritisation of their Church Financial Accounts.

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