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Esther’s Banquet is one annual event that is going from strength to strength.  This year’s event, held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, attracted over 220 people, who were celebrating the graduation of 20 women. These women had completed Esther’s Academy’s Life Skills course, designed to equip them to live a purposeful life and based on biblical principles.

Esther’s Academy was founded in 2005 by multi-talented Pastor Yvonne Brooks, who is also a regular guest panellist on Womenz World, which broadcasts on OHTV.

Comedian Geoff Schumann was the banquet host providing the laughs; award-winning businesswoman, Claudine Reid, gave the keynote address and encouraged those present to dream big and take action to make their dream a reality, whilst Rebecca Linton provided inspirational entertainment that brought the house down.

There are plans to run Esther’s Academy courses beyond Pastor Yvonne’s home city of Birmingham, including in London.  Visit for more details.



Bishop Wayne Malcolm, pastor of iCan Community Church in Bow, east London, was in Jamaica recently, making preparations for the first ever iCan Global Summit conference, which will take place on the island at the beginning of June.

Whilst there, Bishop Malcolm, considered one of Britain’s leading preachers, met the Jamaican Prime Minister, Portia Simpson, who has given her support to this ground-breaking conference.

Delegates from across Britain, Africa, the US and the Caribbean will be travelling to Montego Bay to enjoy preaching, teaching and music ministry, from people including Archbishop Doyé Teido Agama, Pastor Chelsea Pernell and Stitchie.  And, of course, they will be enjoying God’s beautiful creation at the same time. Visit for full details.



Christians from across the UK have given their support to #bringbackourgirls, the social media campaign launched to put pressure on the Nigerian government to do all it can to find over 200 girls, kidnapped by Islamic extremists, Boko Haram, and to return them to their families. Some even joined protests outside the Nigerian High Commission in central London recently.

Anuli Obienu, who attends the Redeemed Christian Church of God in south Wimbledon, London, was so moved by the plight of the schoolgirls that she attended her first ever demonstration to show her support.  Comedian, Angie Le Mar, having read about the demo on social media, also decided to stand in solidarity with the demonstrators.

At the time of writing, members of the British, French, American and Chinese security services have arrived in Nigeria, to give the Nigerian government a hand in finding the kidnapped girls.

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