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A man living out God-given ideas and dreams: Ope Onaboye, aka Opy Onas

At the young age of 27, Ope ‘Opy Onas’ Onaboye has accomplished a lot. The entrepreneur established his own estate agency from his bedroom, aged 22. He published his own book, ‘Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession’, launched at the Houses of Parliament, aged 25. He then went on to set up several businesses under the multifaceted international Proten brand, which includes Proten Coaching and Development, Proten Youth Development and Proten Publishing House.

We asked the Londoner what inspired him to establish Proten. “I’m known as the ‘Ideas Midwife’. This analogy came about when my daughter was born. I truly believe that each of us has been impregnated with God-given ideas, dreams and visions. The ethos behind the Proten brand is to help people bring their ideas to life.”

The birth of his daughter wasn’t the only source of inspiration for his business. While at university, Ope was involved in a criminal lifestyle, which led to a burglary where a substantial amount of his money and personal possessions were stolen. This experience, coupled with his strong Christian faith, led him to embark on a straight path. He was inspired to donate all his money and possessions to a charity, and start his life over again – from scratch. “When I came out of my old lifestyle, I realised that I had developed certain skills which I could use in a positive way. Setting up my business became a natural path for me to do this. I set up Proten Youth, particularly with this in mind.”

Over the years, Ope has been privileged to speak to and train thousands of individuals, businesses and organisations all over the world, and to share the basic principles of building a passion-driven environment. His recent clients include: the Lagos Business School, the state government in Nigeria, Webster International University, London Probation Trust, Ruach Ministries and the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He attributes his success to his faith. “My gifts are God-given, and I use them to glorify Him through my business ventures. I believe faith without works is dead. God will create the doors of opportunities, but we have to be willing to take the step in.” He added, “In order to be successful, you must adopt the three Ps at all times: prayer, patience and perseverance. They are essential for success.”

When he isn’t inspiring people across the globe, Ope runs Achim Ministries with his wife. Their programme of events includes a monthly ladies’ breakfast, a weekly Bible study and regular events.

What can we expect next from Ope and the Proten brand? “I have a few books I am working on, so I will definitely be launching my second book soon. I am also hoping to design more programmes to impact the lives of many more individuals across the world.”

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Spreading the Gospel through publishing: Moses Baako 

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to read, and Moses Baako is seeking to enrich the Christian reading experience via his company, Soli Deo Gloria (SDG) Publishers.

A prolific writer himself, Moses was inspired to set up SDG after he was faced with extortionate prices for services when trying to self-publish.  Moses aims to provide Christian writers with affordable, competitive services to further their work.

Not only will SDG supply affordable services, the company seeks to achieve its aims by ‘Presenting Christ’.   How they will do this is two-fold: Firstly, the material produced through SDG will be geared towards presenting Christ to believers in discipleship. Secondly, these Christian publications will aim to edify non-believers in a non-conventional way.

It is Moses’ desire to financially support (preferably) faith-based humanitarian aid organisations: those that provide water, food and medicine supplies in the developing world, as well as sponsor orphans and widows. He also wants to break stereotypes, by addressing issues from a Christ-centred perspective. The 25-year-old told KTF, “We seem to be pigeon-holed to the Christian community. I believe it’s due to two fundamental reasons: the typical stereotypes Christians face, and the standard of material produced by us.”

In addition to helping artists self-publish their work, SDG has a number of in-house authors who will be publishing work, alongside hosting shows to showcase both the in-house talent and those of the artists who have used SDG services.

Moses’ faith in Christ has shaped every step of his journey with SDG. He shared “2 Corinthians 5:7 speaks on walking by faith and not by sight and, as hard as it usually is, it is one thing that has been carrying me through.” He added, “Knowing that, without Him, nothing can be achieved that amounts to anything eternally constantly keeps me on my knees.”

SDG has already experienced huge success.  Their first anthology was published on National Poetry Day last year, and was welcomed with a warm reception in the literary world. Moses and his team are expecting even more this year. Moses reveals, “By grace, we will be putting on a couple of shows and events. We hope to be able to start workshops as well, to help push Christians to further deepen their relationship with God and develop their talents.”

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The doctor touching lives: Dr Elizabeth Babatunde

Talented young doctor, Elizabeth Babatunde, is using her skills and talents, honed at the University of Manchester Medical school, and combining them with her Christian faith to make a difference in the lives of others, both here in the UK and overseas.

A GP, Dr Babatunde runs a charity called Christ Ambassadors, which runs a number of projects.  They include the Inspiring Future Doctors, which brings together doctors, medical students and the like, to deliver talks to prospective medical students, and its international programme called Run For Polio.  This initiative sees Christ Ambassadors partnering with organisations in Nigeria that are seeking to eradicate polio, as well as raise money to help young polio sufferers and the disabled.  Dr Babatunde does all this, alongside her passion for writing, which has seen her publish a number of inspirational works and Bible-based devotionals.

Sharing why she’s inspired to work with vulnerable children, Dr Babatunde stated, “I was keen to meet the needs of children, both in the UK and other parts of the world, starting with Nigeria, my country of origin.”

And the reasons for Dr Babatunde’s focus on polio? “I chose polio, because it was an issue specific to Nigeria, which incorporated health education and provision.  We hope to raise awareness about the condition, give a voice to children with disabilities in Nigeria, and help as many as we can to get an education, so that they can be empowered for a future.

In April 2014, Dr Babatunde took a group of volunteers to Nigeria, where they visited a rehabilitation centre and orphanage outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja, which specialises in looking after young children who have been affected by polio, as well as those with other physical and mental disabilities.   The team were able to encourage the children, and learned first hand about some of the children, whose parents had sent them out begging and refused to care for them, whilst others had no choice but to beg, in order to generate an income.

During their visit, Dr Babatunde and her team distributed gift packs to the children, which included toothbrushes, toiletries and educational materials.

In the next few months, Christ Ambassadors will focus on raising money via Run for Polio, so that they can put a smile on more children’s faces – at least 5,000 – who’ve been affected by polio and other disabilities, when they go on another visit to more orphanages and centres in and around Abuja, Nigeria, to distribute gift packs.

In the interim, Dr Babatunde will keep on doing what she always done: inspiring others, whilst serving the Lord.

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