Could you adopt? Rakeem and Kemar are half siblings who need a loving home

Rakeem and KemarRakeem (8 years old) and Kemar (4 years old) are half siblings who have been in foster care since October 2012 and have remained in the same foster placement. The circumstances surrounding their removal into foster care are in relation to birth mother’s criminal activities; a lack of supervision and leaving the children for significant periods on their own and her inability to meet all of Rakeem and Kemar’s needs.

Since the boys have been removed into foster care significant improvement has occurred in all areas of their development. Rakeem attends school and Kemar attends nursery which they both really enjoy. They have adapted well to routine and boundaries and have responded well to positive behaviour management techniques.

Rakeem and Kemar are in the process of developing a loving and affectionate relationship with their foster carers.

RakeemRakeem is a beautiful boy who is described as friendly, has a good sense of humour and is affectionate.  Rakeem has had a significant period of development and is starting to give himself permission that he can be a child.  Rakeem has spent a large amount of his life worrying about adult concerns and this has meant that he often acts older than his age. He has had to be taught to act more like a child and to understand that he does not need to know everything an adult knows! Although he may act older than his years at times, at other times he can be quite emotionally young and will require parents who can support him with his emotions.

He has at times displayed some challenging behaviour such as difficulty sharing his foster carer’s attention. However he is learning that he can gain attention through positive actions rather than negative. Rakeem struggles to articulate his emotions and this can mean that his anxiety will be displayed in behaviour.  Rakeem has said that he REALLY wants an adoptive family who can look after him forever.  Rakeem needs a highly nurturing, empathic, loving family who can accept him for who he is.

Kemar is a beautiful little boy who is described as “full of fun; affectionate and loves hugs”; he has a good sense of humour and likes to be silly”  He is a happy little boy who likes clear boundaries and routines. He is in a development stage of testing his boundaries and is starting to exert his independence with self-care skills which is very positive.

KemarKemar does require reassurance that his foster carer is nearby and likes to have a lot of her attention. He is learning to share her time and this is encouraging him to become more independent.  Kemar has developed significantly since being with his foster carer and now asks for lots of cuddles and goes to the foster carer when he has hurt himself. He is growing in confidence all the time and through attending nursery his self-esteem has increased significantly also. He has developed friendships and really enjoys playing with other children.

Kemar’s imaginative play was very limited but now he is able to play by himself and really enjoys playing games and looking at books.  Kemar is a happy little boy who will thrive on the empathy and understanding of loving parents.


Ethnicity: Jamaican/Nigerian

Legal Status: Placement Order

Contact: once a year indirect letterbox contact with birth parents

Family Needed: a two parent active adoptive family who are emotionally warm, can provide a high level of empathy and understanding alongside clear routines and boundaries


For more information please contact: Karin Hill

Adoption Services, Saltisford Office Park,

 Ansell Way, Warwick, CV34 4UL.  Tel:  01926 746956


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