Artist Watch: Leo Powell

Leo Powell is a new artist hoping that music lovers will enjoy the musical offerings on his debut album, From the Fire. The album title matches Leo’s life: he grew up in a Christian home and attended church as a youth but, at 16, Leo left the church to experience worldly pleasures, which included pursuing a career as a rapper. Although Leo had his plans, God had a plan for Leo’s life and, at 32, Leo responded to God’s call for him to return to his spiritual roots.  From The Fire, produced by Blessing Mapeza, is a mix of hip-hop and R’n’B, with gospel-infused lyrics of faith, hope and love, which document Leo’s experience of returning to God. Now a youth leader at Jubilee Church in Enfield, Middlesex, Leo wants his music to touch lives, and is desirous that his music inspires Christians to become more Christ-like, and that non-Christians accept the Gospel. Not only that, but his hope is that in the forthcoming months he’ll get opportunities to perform his songs, so that people can see and hear, at first hand, someone who’s literally jumped out of the fire, into God’s hands and is singing about it.

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