Interview with Seth Pinnock

For the past four years, Keep The Faith has chronicled the development of young Christian leader, Seth Pinnock, and supported his event, Midnight Oil Summit (MOS) – a major youth conference that aims to impact young people in all areas of their lives.  This year’s MOS will be the last, so KTF felt it made sense to talk to Seth about what he’s learnt about leadership over the past years, and to find out his plans for the future.


Keep The Faith (KTF): Why have you decided to make this year’s MOS your last?

Seth Pinnock (SP): I believe that this is the appropriate time for that ministry to transition. I feel MOS is an expression of the vision I received when I was 17 years old. Turning 25 this year, it’s apparent that we have grown deeper and wider since then, and it’s time for us to move forward into a new thing which reflects that.

KTF: What have you learnt about leadership and being a leader, as a result of organising the Midnight Oil Summit?

SP: I have found that effective leadership comes more from a fluid than a rigid model. Whilst it can be exciting and exhausting, great leadership is the ability to transfuse the DNA of a vision, and to support and share its direction. If there was a word that I would use to sign off this adventure, it would be ‘tenacity’.

KTF:  What do you like/hate the most about being a leader and being seen as a role model?

SP: The opportunity to influence and impact with a greater cause in mind is most beneficial.Guvna-B-1

KTF: What advice would you give young people who feel they are being called by God to become leaders?

SP: Go full throttle at it! As with any vocation, one must desire to achieve one’s best. You don’t have to fill your elder’s shoes, just walk in their footsteps, because we have our own shoes to fill. We should not endeavour to emulate our father’s template, but seek to discover our own. It’s important not to pour new wine into old wineskins; just make sure that it’s wine and not fruit juice!

KTF: In your view, how should the Church support young leaders?

SP: I feel that the Church has made incredible progress over the years, which is fantastic! However, there must be more space and shuffling, in order for young people to shape what the present-day Church should look like.


KTF: What unique qualities do you feel young people bring to the mix?

SP: Young people are authentically tuned to the frequency of the times and, like the children of Issachar, can give clear, fresh and relevant perspectives.


KTF:  Lastly, now that you are closing one chapter of your life and starting a new one, what should we expect from you in the next few months?

SP: Last year, Midnight Oil celebrated its seventh anniversary at the world-renowned Symphony Hall in Birmingham. We held seven events across three locations in Birmingham city centre, led by a team of 300 volunteers. We recorded our first urban worship album, which features songs that I have penned over this journey. I’m very excited about releasing it this summer, as well as seeing what lies ahead as God’s Bride Ministries becomes part of The Message Trust family. They have been at the cutting edge of youth work and evangelism for over 20 years.

The last ever Midnight Oil Summit will take place at Earls Court, London, on August 8 as part of Morris Cerullo’s Mission to London, and at Birmingham Town Hall on August 9.  Guest speakers and artists include Bishop Wayne Malcolm, Volney Morgan & New-Ye, Noel Robinson, Ram One, Rix, Guvna B and many more.  Registration is £10. Visit to register for the London event, and to register for the Birmingham event. 



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