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You may not know her face, but you certainly know her voice. LadyT possesses a voice that eases you through your busy commute/school run, as she presents Premier Gospel’s Gospel Drive on Tuesdays to Fridays between 3pm and 7pm, and she also wakes you up, as she co-hosts The Big Breakfast on Saturday on both Premier Christian Radio and Premier Gospel from 8am to 11am. When she isn’t gracing the airwaves with her presence, LadyT is an artist manager. “There are lots of late nights, meetings, gigs, shoots, etc, but despite its hectic role, I enjoy it.”

Hailing from Oxfordshire, LadyT (real name Tolu Adepegba) is expressive and impassioned. She loves cars (her dream car is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport), Arsenal and travel: “There is nothing better than exploring different countries and cultures.” But it is her love for music that led her to Christian radio.

She began her career as a broadcast assistant at BBC Oxford, for a show called ‘Urban Gospel Experience’, which was hosted by DJ G. She quickly moved to co-hosting the show within a couple of months before she landed her job at Premier Gospel, where she is a main host and is going from strength to strength. The fact that she was nominated for a Wise Women Award in the ‘Women In Media’ category is testament to that. “I was very shocked, yet humbled, that someone had taken the time out to appreciate what I do, and felt that I needed to be recognised for it.”

Although LadyT may have taken to radio as a fish does to water, she wasn’t always confident that it was for her. “When God blessed me with the job, I was like, ‘Hmm, can I really do this?’ ‘Will I be accepted?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ etc. I had to rebuke those thoughts real quickly by praying and just thanking God that He has given me this.” She added: “I had to really put myself in a place of self-belief and ultimately ask God to help.” Trusting in God has shaped her into the woman she is today. “Every experience births a lesson learnt. I believe everything happens for a reason – good and bad. It helps you to grow and mature as a person and in your chosen line of work.”

God is surely moving in LadyT’s career and, by His grace, her desire to become the UK’s answer to Oprah or Wendy Williams will be granted.

Watch this space.

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Confidence, or the lack thereof, is something we all deal with at one point or another. Lydia Frempong, Channel 4’s Executive Coach and the founder of Butterfly PR, has dedicated her life to helping people discover their inner-confidence and walk boldly in the direction of their dreams. “For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in the psychology of the mind,” she tells KTF. Lydia has spent years collaborating with thought leaders, teachers, life coaches and spiritual leaders – all of whom have helped to propel her life forward to achieve both personal and professional goals. Her life’s work is in reciprocity of this. “I always knew it would be a matter of time and preparation to make the decision to commit my life to guide others in the very same way that I have been guided.”

As a confidence coach and theta healing practitioner, Lydia works with media professionals and individuals to discover ways for them to remove self-limiting beliefs which have held them back. This applies to personal and professional spheres of life, ranging from achieving success in the workplace, attracting the love they deserve, or living a healthy lifestyle. “My role is a truly honourable one; it is built upon trust, honour and understanding.”

Not only is Lydia a confidence coach, she is also a patron for Showing Racism the Red Card, and she delivers a coaching diploma at Cambridge University. With such a successful career, she is bound to have faced some challenges. She reveals: “I have built and maintained a spirit within that will not allow situations to overcome me. It does not mean I have not experienced moments of being or feeling overwhelmed.” While Lydia values the support of her friends and family, she recognises the need to derive strength from above. “My faith is the foundation of all I do. I can honestly say my faith has enabled me to do some wonderful things in life, as well overcome some serious challenges. My faith gives me wings to achieve, conquer and feel empowered. ”

It is Lydia’s desire to help others feel empowered, too. “Maya Angelou said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’. A lifelong dream of mine is to write a book to share my experiences to ultimately inspire others.” Lydia will also be setting up a Coaching Academy to train up-and-coming coaches, who desire to impact their world through teaching and encouraging  people, the young and old.

So what makes Lydia feel confident? “The list is long; one would be having a faith which provides me with empowerment and the belief that all things are possible. It reminds me that my life has value and purpose.” She adds, “The love of my family and friends is fundamental.” Lydia also attributes her confidence to living a healthy life, self care and setting positive boundaries.

If you are struggling with self-confidence, here’s Lydia advice to you: “I always call upon the quote that states that FEAR stands for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Look at the situation head on, most of the time the energy we give to our fears is unfounded. Other than that, it’s advisable to confide and receive guidance. I’ve learnt that we are not an island, and we must never suffer in silence. Speak up, let go and start living.”

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Dupe Makinde is a driven woman.  Alongside her role as wife and mother, and her work as a part-time management accountant, Dupe runs God’s Grace Foundation (GGF), a charity she set up in 2004, as a result of a directive from her heavenly Father.

The Charity helps to positively transform the lives of children and young people, by enabling them to fulfil their potential, as well as advance their mental, spiritual, moral and physical development.

GGF works with young people here in the UK, via its courses which touch on issues like leadership, mother/daughter relationships and parenting. Some courses are run independently, others are held in churches which book Dupe to run sessions.  And such is the Charity’s growing influence, GGF sits on the Parenting and Family Support Joint Commissioning Board in Greenwich.

Whilst in Nigeria, a country Dupe regularly visits, GGF provides educational scholarships to disadvantaged children, and relieves poverty amongst vulnerable children.

She explained: “In Nigeria, our key focus is to give orphans and young people in one-parent homes an equal chance to education.  This is achieved by providing them with education kits, after-school programmes, as well as medical support to combat poor health and poverty.  The education kits include uniforms, shoes, school bags, stationery, textbooks and study materials.”

It’s obvious that the work of GGF does make a difference, as exemplified in the life of Allison Olalekan, a 16-year-old boy the Charity has been able to help. He was abandoned by his mother, due to being disabled, and lives with his elderly grandmother.  After coming into contact with GGF, not only has he received educational support, the Charity has also bought him a wheelchair, so that he could be more mobile.

Dupe is rightly proud of GGF’s work.  She told Keep The Faith: “We have supported more than 50 children with their primary and secondary school education in Nigeria.  These are children that would otherwise not have achieved GCSE qualifications without our support.

In the UK, over 100 young people attend our programmes every year, and we currently reach more than 100 parents and youth leaders a year.”

In fact, such is the high regard in which GGF’s work with children and young people is held, Dupe received an award for her work from the Haven of Rest charity.

The future looks bright for GGF.  Dupe shared: “Going forward, we are looking to continue with our FREE weekly study support in the UK and Nigeria. This project is focused on out-of-school hours learning classes and workshops.

In April 2014, we launched the Girlz Empowered initiative in Nigeria. The focus of this work is the prevention of teenage pregnancy and rehabilitation of teenage mums in target areas. Our goal is to also reduce the number of teenage mums in our target areas, who end up as sex workers.”

There’s no doubting that GGF is serious about its mission.  Long may its work continue.

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