The Boys’ Brigade – Engaging children and young people

We firmly believe that to share the gospel we need to be in contact with children & young people. BB Companies can work in different ways depending on the needs of their church and local community. Companies can operate as Boys only Companies or for those churches that wish to have mixed gender work BB companies can include a Girls’ Association across all age groups.

Our age related programmes contain lots of ideas to keep your group fresh and most importantly enjoyable for children, young people and leaders. These contemporary programmes offer a firmly Christian-based means of working in a creative and relevant way using a balanced programme of adventure and activity. They are flexible enough to meet the needs of all churches.


At this age we seek to build firm foundations, establish a group identity and nurture responsibility. They do lots of different activities which include crafts, music, games, sports, making friends, prayer and Bible stories.


Their fun packed evenings are full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that they have suggested themselves. We cater for just about every poissible interest and at the same time support them to look beyond themselves.


It’s all about young people learning new skills, making their own decisions and then achieving their personal goals. Activities range from: improving football skills, pod-casting, learning about their carbon footprint, the Bible according to the Simpsons, sportsmanship and more.


It’s all about young people planning and delivering their own programme. A wide range of topics focus on building life skills, encouraging recreation and leisure pursuits and being an active citizen. All of the programme provides opportunities provides opportunities for young people to explore a personal Christian faith. Now you can really begin to reap what has been sown and nurtured from the age of 5.

Boys Brigade

Our work is relationship focussed, what we do is of less importance than the relationships we form and we believe that we have a crucial role to play in helping young people realise their full worth as they mature from 5 year old children to 18 year old adults.

We want to work with children & young people who often have no other connection with the church, and demonstrate to them the reality of a living God through what we do, say and teach. Our hope is that children and young people will come to know Jesus for themselves.

We also see a real need to engage children and young people in the life of the Church: to be open to their ideas, value what they say, and allow them to express themselves in the way they want.

Underpinning all of our work is a belief that what Jesus said 2000 years ago is just as relevant today and we want them to experience that truth that Jesus offers life in all its fullness.

Consequently our passion is for children and young people ….

  • … to experience acceptance and opportunities to develop skills and positive values
  • … to hear and see Jesus’ hope for themselves

… to become a practical demonstration of Jesus’ love to their peers.

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