The man of God who lived his life with purpose

Keep The Faith pays tribute to the late Dr Myles Munroe, and recalls a man who preached the Gospel and reminded people everywhere that they should live their lives purposefully

For a man who was denounced as stupid by one of his teachers whilst at school, the late Dr Myles Munroe more than surpassed his teacher’s low expectations – and demonstrated that God will always have the final say.

Dr Munroe, 60, became a Christian whilst a teenager; graduated from Oral Roberts University in the US with a Masters degree, and was regularly invited to teach students there. He authored over 70 books; travelled the world preaching to believers and teaching leaders in every sphere of society. He also founded and led Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship – one of the largest churches in his homeland, The Bahamas. Such was the impact of his accomplishments, he was awarded an OBE from the Queen in 1998.

When it was announced that Dr Munroe, world renowned church leader, speaker and preacher had died in a plane crash on November 9, alongside his wife Ruth, and some members of his church leadership team, whilst travelling to his annual leadership conference, there was an outpouring of unprecedented grief from believers around the world.

The Bahamian Prime Minister, Perry Christie, issued a statement describing Dr Munroe as his “personal friend and spiritual mentor.” The statement continued: “He was indisputably one of the most globally recognisable religious figures our nation has ever produced. His fame as an ambassador for the Christian ministry preceded him wherever in the world he travelled, whether in the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe or Africa.”

World famous preacher, Bishop TD Jakes, with whom Dr Munroe shared numerous preaching platforms, took to Facebook and wrote: “There are few biblical clinicians whose view of ministry wasn’t enriched in some way by this tremendous Bible scholar. His voice changed the way we viewed the Kingdom! Dr and Mrs Myles Munroe and associates, gone but not forgotten!”

Dr Munroe and Wife

Other prominent Christians and organisations that took to Twitter to pay tribute included leadership expert John C Maxwell, who tweeted: “Saddened by the loss of my good friend Myles Munroe & his wife Ruth in the Bahamas. Praying for his family & congregation.” God TV stated: “We honour the life of #MylesMunroe – a great leader and humble servant whose example will continue to inspire.” And Pastor Mike White of The Tab in Lewisham shared: “He showed us Leadership, Perspicacity, Integrity & Humility, Thanking God for the life and service of Dr Myles Munroe. #LabourToReward.”

There’s no doubt that preacher’s son, Dr Munroe, lived by the Christian teachings he preached and which brought him to fame: that people should live a life of purpose. In fact, he was one of the first preachers to encourage Christians to not just look forward to life in Heaven, but to discover their purpose here on earth.

Dr Munroe was always encouraging people to find their purpose, use their talents and to ‘die empty’, ie. that believers should make full use of the gifts God gives them whilst here on earth.

During his years of public ministry, Dr Munroe travelled to over 100 nations, where he spoke about leadership, relationships, family and purpose, and advised numerous Fortune 500 companies, captains of Industry, church leaders and politicians. He was also a regular visitor to the UK, and spoke at events organised by various churches, including Jesus House, in Brent Cross, north London, and the New Testament Church of God.

Many questions have been asked following Dr Munroe’s unexpected and untimely death, but there’s no doubt his death has encouraged people to start thinking more deeply about life, and to ask themselves life’s perennial questions: why they were born: what is their purpose in life, and which God should they serve. Dr Munroe’s life and work answer some of those questions.

Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe are survived by their daughter, Charisa, and son Chairo (Myles Jr).


“The poorest person in the world is the person without a dream.”

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”

“The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery, there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure within you that must come out. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still within YOU.”

“Every human being has the instinct and capacity for leadership, but most do not have the courage or will to cultivate it.”

“The greatness of a man is measured by the way he treats the little man. Compassion for the weak is a sign of greatness.”

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world, or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.

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