Artist Watch – Sue Neil

Londoner Sue Neil is making a big noise in the US, following the release of her debut single, ‘Shining’, there. She has received extensive media coverage for the track, as the public love her big voice and warm persona. This talented singer/songwriter is also a pastor, and has a musical talent that was honed growing up in a Christian family, and playing and writing songs for The Noel Gospel Band. However, when she left the band, she travelled the world, singing with secular artists. Whilst performing with dance band, Faithless, Sue says she heard God say that if she continued doing what she was doing, she’d die. Those words were enough to make her give up her secular music career and devote herself to God. Since making that change, Sue has been singing as well as pastoring the New Generation of Christ church. With a successful single under her belt, Sue Neil is busy working on her debut album, which is on target to be released in the first quarter of this year and, of course, ensuring that whatever she does, she’s shining.

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