Kingdom Advencement Trust (KAT) Launch

The Kingdom Advancement Trust (KAT) will be launching on the 16th of March 2015 in Croydon at the Community Suite of The Bernard Weatherall Building in Mint Walk. The launch starts at 6pm until 9pm and the keynote speaker will be Rev Les Isaac OBE, of the Ascension Trust.

KAT is the brainchild of a number of key church leaders in Croydon; Mark Nicholson, Mary McCauley, Damian Luke, Melodie-Ann Dalrymple and Danny Bennett. Its objective is to work collaboratively with other agencies, to raise up men and women who can identify with their God given potentials and give them the necessary training, resources, and opportunities that will help make them succeed in the marketplace. By being successful, new businesses will be created in the community ensuring financial success in the home and community.

Bishop Mark Nicholson, first Chair of KAT said ‘‘The Kingdom of God is not only spiritual, it is intensely practical and the church today must move beyond its traditional role if it is to truly fulfil its mission of having economic influence. It can no longer respond only to spiritual needs and speak only to people’s hearts. The church is called to be a force for change in the world, especially where the needs are greatest: the inner-city neighbourhoods where crime, violence, and unemployment are at their highest. The care for our elderly, youth and the empowering of our community through entrepreneurship are the order of the day’’

He continued ‘’The trustees feel that all the hard work that they have been doing in the past few years has now come together, to offer them the greatest opportunity to achieve the goals that they set, and they are hoping the community will rally together to support this wonderful venture’’.

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