Master of your destiny – Mens 1 day conference

Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT

Saturday, 21st February 2015

The Master of Your Destiny – Men’s Conference is to motivate and influence men of all age range, cultural, social, class and religious backgrounds to be positioned to enter the in the workplace with renewed confidence, to identify the type of leaders that they want to be and to become leaders. This conference aims to drive ambitions and provide the necessary supportive skills to enter into existing businesses or seek to start their own. It also aims to encourage men to reach out to other men to express their fears, hopes and dreams, and more importantly to listen to other men who have journeyed along similar pathways and  have become successful; their stories needed to be aired for lessons in learning and to challenge and evaluate the current

Some of the benefits of attending: Free health check, free courses, train tickets to interviews, CV and interview preparation for some attendees, This Is a hands on, results orientated work-shop.  Admission is free for young men aged 15 – 17 (limited places available).

The founder of this initiative is Mrs Michaelene Holder–March and prompted by her concern of growing male unemployment, poverty, family breakdown and other social and economic problems which afflicts individuals and families, especially the ones without relatives nearby or financial resources to rely upon.

Mrs Holder-March, is a goal driven professional,  well known in the public and private sector for her vast experience in Managing Corporate Governance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Clinical Governance, Claims, Audit and Health and Safety with over 31 years of significant NHS experience. Additionally, Michaelene is recognised as Health Informatics Accredited Clinician for Connecting for Health.

She has engaged speakers who are leading clinicians, recruitment specialist, property millionaire, finance expert, senior managers, international motivator, business entrepreneur and well known corporate coach to offer their skills, expertise and to share their hurdles and successes.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite. Registration starts at 7.30am.  For more information about the conference visit  or contact 07932014644

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