Pentecostal Church Pioneer dies

One of the pioneers of Britain’s Black Pentecostal church movement, Archbishop Malachi Ramsey, died recently, aged 87, following a long battle with illness.

The Jamaican-born minister founded Shiloh United Church of Christ Apostolic Worldwide, and became the UK’s first Pentecostal Archbishop when he was ordained by the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain (IMCGB) on 9th July 1988.

During his many years in ministry, Archbishop Ramsey travelled to 64 countries as a missionary to preach the Gospel. Nations he visited included: India, Russia, Jamaica and Germany; however most of his mission work was carried out in Africa, namely Kenya and Ghana.

In 1970, Archbishop Ramsey founded the Croydon Race and Community Organisation Unit Trust, a charity he ran as Director for 13 years. He was heavily involved in prison ministry and, in August 1983, he started the Youth Development Project, through which he became the first Black leader to get a Black Pentecostal Minister into a British prison as a chaplain. He also founded a Bible School with correspondence courses.

Archbishop Ramsey is survived by his wife, Inez Ramsay, five children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren, and his church family in the UK and abroad.

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  • 10th March 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Someone should write bishop Ramsey’s bibliography


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