Why study theology?

London School of Theology (LST)

“I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people…” Jude 1:3

Here are the three main reasons believers should study theology:

  • It is vital for those who lead in the church to have a full comprehension of the Word of Faith so that righteous blessing can be bestowed on those we minister to.
  • As believers we are called to have a deep commitment to scripture.
  • Knowledge of the Word is the basis from which the Spirit can move in power.

The London School of Theology (LST) is the largest interdenominational evangelical theological college in Europe and over the 70+ years of training Christians we have seen thousands of men and women go out into the church, mission and the world after studying theology. LST is unique in offering theology ‘&’ courses too, such as Theology, Music & Worship or Theology & Counselling.

The scriptural teaches that we must be able to give account for what we believe and defend it in the world. We live in changing, often confusing times but the Word of God is the constant upon which we can depend. The bible is a book that requires study, reflection and spiritual leading in order for us to know God’s will and act upon it.

LST theology graduates go on to be dynamic disciples who stand for the Lord in this changing world. Empowered to understand our contemporary world so they can preach the Gospel and make further disciples as we are commanded to do.

Theology is not an enemy of faith but rather theology is faith seeking understanding.

Reverend Desmond Hall, Pastor of Pentecostal City Mission Church (Willesden Branch) who studied theology LST said: “Studying at LST has grounded my faith and broadened my knowledge of the God I worship and serve. I see studying theology as the key to unlocking more understanding of scripture and would certainly recommend it.”

LST has courses in theology from a one-year certificate level upward, both online and on campus or distance learning; also if you have musical gifting you can combine studying theology with worship. Find out more including how to book on a ‘Discovery Day’ where you come and ask questions, experience a taster lecture and get a feel of the campus here: www.lst.ac.uk

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