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On Rock or Sand? is a new book from the Rt Rev Dr Archbishop John Sentamu (published by SPCK), which looks at the moral principles affecting the way Britain is governed, and explores how to build a just and equitable society. Commenting about the book, the Archbishop stated, “We need to rediscover the true meaning of the word ‘economy’ – it means a household, a community whose members share responsibility for each other. The giant that must be slayed is income inequality, where some few have far too much and the many have too little.”


A Christian woman from South Dakota, US, was fined $150 for praying too loudly.  Martha Nagbe, a pastor’s wife from Liberia, took it upon herself to pray and read Scriptures loudly outside her home and on the streets. The police claimed she was making “unnecessary noise”, whilst Mrs Nagbe believes she’s doing the Lord’s work and can’t stop.  She told her local news station, “I can’t stop. I’m trusting God. In the United States, it’s one nation under God.” Martha’s husband, Pastor Juwle Nagbe believes she is being unfairly targeted and that she should be left alone.


A letter, written by world-renowned genius Albert Einstein, where he describes God as the Creator, has sold for £49,000. Einstein wrote the letter in 1915 to electrical engineer, Giovanni Giorgi, to defend his concept of relativity against American physicist, Dayton Miller, who opposed it. In his letter, Einstein wrote: “I agree with your opinion on the fact that the movement of an ether with a [mathematical formula] so high is particularly impossible… God created the world with more intelligence and elegance.”


The One People Commission, an organisation that is part of the Evangelical Alliance and which builds relationships across ethnic divides, is conducting a survey to find out the beliefs, habits, practices and experiences of the UK’s ethnic minority Christians in their 20s and 30s. The survey results will be used to help ethnic minority church leaders meet the needs of the young adults in their congregations, so they can live out a vibrant faith. Visit for more details.


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