Noer organics presents completely natural, luxury gem-infused skincare range

A new boutique skincare company is causing a stir worldwide thanks to its beautifying elixirs which contain only natural, earth-derived ingredients. The alchemists of the deluxe skincare range have scoured the planet for the best of Mother Nature, and blended wildcrafted ingredients with gemstone elements to create all-natural formulas designed to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

The beauty market is saturated with skincare products brimming with chemicals and overloaded with hazardous, sometimes toxic ingredients. Many consumers are sucked in by the “anti-wrinkle miracle cream” which promises to reverse the clock, but how many people bother to check the ingredients list? The Founder of Noer Organics is calling on men and women around the world to take note of these dangerous substances and avoid them at all costs.

Mia Elkaff, Founder of Noer Organics said, “It’s unbelievable that some toxic concoctions on the market today can pass safety regulations – not only are preservatives and chemicals bad for the skin, but some have been found to be harmful carcinogens. I think generally people are smartening up and making wiser choices when it comes to personal care, beauty and make-up, but there’s a long way to go.”

It’s hard to find any beauty or skincare product which doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens, ammonia, acids, chemicals and man-made fragrances. Even brands which claim to be totally natural and organic will often use a couple of these chemicals to preserve the product or ensure it smells good enough to buy. Noer Organics is changing the face of natural skincare by offering a completely natural alternative without compromising on results.

Look at the core ingredients list of any Noer Organics product on the website and you will only find nature’s finest oils, antioxidant plants and fruits, herbs and essential oil fragrances. Some skincare elixirs such as the Masquerade Purifying Mask contain the world’s best clay, oats, fruits and seeds for the ultimate detoxification and hydration of the skin. As each product is handmade by a skincare expert, batches can be made without certain plant or animal ingredients so they can cater for allergy sufferers. Each pure elixir is then infused with precious gemstones such as jade and rhodonite to encourage love and healing.

Mia added, “In our view, there is no place for nasty man-made chemicals in skincare regimes. As natural beings on this earth, nature has provided us with everything we need to stay healthy and happy – we just have to find the right potion for you.”

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