Meet The Artist – Steven ‘GP’ Abramsamadu

Steven ‘GP’ Abramsamadu is UK Gospel’s only Grammy-nominated gospel producer, and recently received a certificate from this world-recognised body in recognition of his achievements. Aside from being a producer, he’s a music director at his church, Ecclesia, based in Lewisham, south London. Steven spoke to Keep The Faith about his work, his faith, and projects planned for the future.

KEEP THE FAITH (KTF): You recently received a certificate indicating that you are a Grammy-nominated producer. What did you receive your Grammy for and when?
STEVEN ‘GP’ ABRAMSAMADU (SA): I was nominated for a Best Gospel Album Grammy for Da’ TRUTH’s record (Big Picture) and Lecrae’s record (Rehab) in 2009 and 2010.

KTF: How has winning a Grammy impacted your career in the music industry?
SA: The Grammy is the highest accolade in the music industry, so being nominated for one twice was amazing – all praise to our Lord for sharing His creativity with a flawed man as myself. To be fair, it has caused me to work harder and to keep working on my craft.

KTF: Can you share details of your journey from church musician to Grammy Award-winning producer?
SA: I’ve been playing keys in church since the age of eight, but I felt I could do more. I wanted to create music in a big way, so I hooked up my keyboard to my ‘not-to-be-touched-at-all’ dad’s tape player when he was at work, and started creating music on my keyboard. As time went on, I fell in love with hip hop and rap, and was part of a rap crew with my friends… but we always rapped over other people beats, until one day I told my friends, ‘Enough is enough… Have a listen to this…’ The rest is history.

KTF: Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with, and what was it like working with Lecrae, currently one of the world’s most popular Christian rap artists?
SA: I’ve worked with artists such as SO, Trip Lee, Da’ TRUTH, Jahaziel, Serene, and my own family, New Direction Crew, to name a few. Working with Lecrae was a great experience. I’ve seen the hard work Reach Records and Lecrae have put in, and the Lord has been elevating this brother big time.

KTF: How does your faith impact you when you’re working in the studio?
SA: Ultimately, my gift to do music comes from the Lord, and I aim to use it in whatever way I can to glorify Him. So when I’m in the studio that’s what I focus on, and it pushes me to be more creative. The Lord went 100% – even right up to the cross… I ponder on this in the studio, to give my all.

KTF: What exciting projects have you got lined up for the rest of 2015?
SA: Well SO’s album, ‘So It Ends’, will be dropping soon, and also Serene’s EP, ‘Different Strokes 2’, so look out for those. Plus there will be other collaborations here and in the USA.

KTF: Describe yourself in five words.
SA: Christian, husband, father, creative, funny.

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