NTCG Minister steps down for love

Members of the New Testament Church of God have said goodbye to Bishop Rudolph Parkinson, who stepped down from pastoral work after 48 years of service. Brixton NTCG, the congregation Rev Parkinson has pastored for the past 20 years, gave him a memorable send-off, with three days of events, which included a banquet in his honour, a celebratory service and a special concert.

Bishop Parkinson has stepped down to look after his wife, Cherrie. He explained, “After 48 years in ministry, my wife of 47 years, Cherrie, is not 100%. I did say ‘for better for worse’, and feel it’s time to step down so I can take care of her, which I am happy to do.”

Since starting pastoral ministry in 1966, the Jamaican-born bishop has led congregations in Burton-Upon-Trent, Northampton, Rugby and Leicester, and also worked at NTCG Head Office, where he served under all the church’s National Overseers, bar the current head, Bishop Donald Bolt. Roles held by Bishop Parkinson were as National Youth and Education Director and National Secretary.

He has some great memories serving under NTCG pioneers. Bishop Parkinson recalled, “Dr Lyeseight was from the old school, and when he said you were going somewhere, even if you were on one leg, you were going. He was pretty strict on that. He was a no-nonsense man. Dr Arnold was more compassionate. And the others brought their own characteristic style to the position.”

It’s evident that Bishop Parkinson is an old-school minister who loves God and people, and is all about serving the community. Whilst he might be stepping down from pastoral ministry, he’ll be accepting ministry engagements and making himself available to pass on wisdom to the younger generation.

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