Pentecostal Credit Union to celebrate 35th anniversary

The Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU) is getting reading to celebrate its 35th anniversary with a special dinner and concert on June 6, featuring Bishop John Francis, Muyiwa, Angie Le Mar, Lurine Cato and the London Community Gospel Choir.

Founded by Jamaican-born minister, Rev Carmel Jones in 1980, the PCU was established to redress the racism the Black community was experiencing, when trying to access funding from leading financial institutions.

The PCU is now one of Britain’s 10 largest credit unions, with 1,500 members and an asset base of over £10m, and one of its key successes over the years has been in providing loans to Black Pentecostal denominations – including Ruach Ministries, the Church of God in Christ and United Pentecostal Church – and enabling them to buy their buildings.

The PCU now has a new general manager, Shane Bowes, and new interim CEO, Hugh Boatswain, who are taking the PCU in a new direction and encouraging more young people to join, and providing more financial services for individuals. They also aim to collaborate more closely with other organisations to share financial education.

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