Free Training – Getting the most from your young volunteers

Capital Volunteers is a new project hosted by BTEG which is specifically working with BAME organisations to get the best of existing or new volunteers. We understand that there is a huge opportunity cost when giving volunteers tasks/roles but these costs are not considered internally by the host organisations.

Our support is for small to medium (1-25 paid staff) BAME organisations in London, using or considering using volunteers aged 16-30. Through a series of free* training sessions you will gain:

  • Increased confidence of taking on young people as volunteers
  • Tools and good practice tips in successfully taking on, retaining and managing young people as volunteers
  • Knowing what type of work or projects to give to volunteers
  • Making the most of the resource and understanding of your opportunity costs in relation to utilising the skills and time.
  • A chance to examine and understand the volunteering landscape and its potential benefits to the BAME VCS sector
  • How to ensure a truly win – win situation

Organisations attending the training could also be eligible for free consultancy up to the value of £800 (equivalent of 2 days).

The courses are:

Creating a volunteer programme                           18 Sept 2015  Full day

Volunteers play a crucial role in the non-profit sector often making significant changes to peoples’ lives and tackling issues in society. Often they are taken on spontaneously and in reaction to a need. Taking on volunteers in a strategic way will ensure that you get the right volunteers and, more importantly, that their role is in line with the organisations vision and mission. This course aims to give you a strong base for recruitment and utilising the time, skills and experience of the volunteer.

Using volunteers – policy and practice                   16 Oct Half-day am

It is estimated that 21.1 million people in the UK volunteered at least once in the last year. This is a massive resource for the sector. However, taking on volunteers needs good management practices to support both the volunteers and the organisation. This course aims to provide an overview of the legalities and regulations, policies and practices that enable you to get the best out your volunteers

Getting the right volunteer                                       16 Oct Half-day pm

One of the key challenges faced in any type of recruitment is getting the right person for the role. Being creative in your approach and clearly defining what the role is, will help attract the right people. This workshop looks at good practice in reaching out to potential volunteers both in terms of the role and how to and where to advertise for opportunities as well as tips and guidance about the recruitment process.

Support and supervision of volunteers                    28 Oct Full day

Supporting and supervising volunteers in an organised manner can play a key role in retention. Getting the right volunteers has to be coupled with offering the right support and management. This course aims to look at good practice in hosting volunteers, understand the reasons why volunteers leave and how to manage difficult situations.

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