Interview with Pastor Marcus Gill

Speaker, author, media personality and pastor are some of the words used to identify Marcus Gill. He is the founder and CEO of Marcus Gill Ministries,
a ministry that has been designed to reach lost souls and inspire believers. With the use of clothing giveaways, food distribution, outdoor evangelistic worship experiences, conferences, television, online broadcasting and literature, Marcus has distributed God’s licence for victory that can never be revoked.

He is the founder and lead pastor of the RUSH Church United in New Haven, Connecticut and New York City. Keep The Faith caught up with Pastor Gill, and spoke about his ministry and his book, ‘Single God Life’.

Keep The Faith: Tell us briefly about yourself, and ministry.
Marcus Gill: I am the lead pastor of RUSH Church United, which started in April 2014. RUSH stands for Radical, Unbreakable, Spiritual and Holy.

By April 2015, I thank God we have a wonderful body of believers, and a multicultural ministry. We are an evangelical, Word teaching and prayerful church. Healing takes place and miracles happen.

We have the lowest area of Christianity in the New Haven Connecticut area, and with God’s intervention things have been taking place, people have been getting saved. We will continue to move onward and upward.


KTF: You wrote a book called ‘Single God Life’. Can you explain what this book is about?
MG: I believe the Lord pressed it on my heart to write a book, based upon my experiences. I have been through a horrible marriage; however, God used this experience, my testimony, to be an encouragement to others. Single God Life brings a positive message of the single status. People don’t need to be married to fulfill a ministry; they just need to focus on God. Using my images that I post on social media, I also warn people of scenarios and situations that could take them out of their ministry and God-fulfilled calling.

KTF: How easy was it for you to find a publisher for this book?
MG: Well, the publisher, who is called Serenity Publishing, wanted to interview me for their magazine. We then went on to discuss about writing a book; they talked to me about their services, and the rest is history. The book has been doing very well, and has been a bestseller; it went on to go behind Joel Osteen’s book, ‘Your Best Life Now’.

KTF: Do you think it is harder for church people to be single? If so, why do you think that is?
MG: It’s not hard for church people to stay single, if their desire is not purely based on their flesh. For example, the Word of God excludes us from sexual activities, and that can be the difficult part – especially for men. The key is people must focus on the things of God; put all their attention on the things of God and not on the flesh and, yes, it is a battle, but when you submit your will and self to God, it becomes easier as times goes on.

KTF: What advice would you give to single people, especially leaders in the Church, who are still waiting for their soulmate?
MG: Get involved in your ministry like you’ve never done before, and build it the best way you can. Invest in yourself, love yourself, travel, build your dreams and enjoy. When you get married, you might not have the freedom to do what you used to do, as you now need to think about someone else, especially when you start a family. At least, if you do these things now when you’re single, you won’t miss them too much when you get married.

KTF: To those who are courting, what advice would you give to them concerning rushing into marriage?
MG: Take your time and wait on God. Do not rush; learn about each other, and learn about yourselves. God’s timing never fails. Again, enjoy your lives and don’t be afraid to change your mind if you realise the person is not for you, and that you’ll be better off just as friends. It is better to do that, rather than to get married, change your mind and then comes divorce, etc. I repeat: Take Your Time.

KTF: Are there any more books in the pipeline? If so, what are they called?
MG: Yes, there are. I haven’t got names for them as yet. I will be doing one concerning being a young leader, but watch this space.

To find out more about Pastor Gill and his ministry, visit WWW.MARCUSGILL.ORG

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