Christian Parent Battles Prejudice with Publication of Children’s Book

A mother from the West Midlands, whose son was born with a form of dwarfism (Achrondroplasia) has published a children’s book ‘Strong and Mighty Max’, which is designed to tackle prejudice and offer children with the condition a positive role model for life.
The book chronicles the life and adventures of Max, a young boy who is smaller than average, but is brave and enterprising and most importantly has lots of fun.
Kristina Gray, 36 years and her husband Andrew discovered their son’s condition when he was just six weeks old. Samuel is now a happy and active four year old and attends Rugby’s Clifton Upon Dunsmore Primary School.
Kristina, who is a committed Christian and attends the New Life Church in Rugby, explains her reasons for publishing the book, saying:
“I was motivated to write the book as I have quickly learnt that my son’s greatest challenges will not necessarily be the medical challenges he faces with his disability, rather societal prejudices based on the fact that he is visually ‘different’ from his peers.
“I wanted to use Max’s story to educate younger generations and their parents that children with dwarfism are just like anyone else, they just happen to have shorter arms and legs.
“Another reason for writing the book was because I realised that children born with rare conditions never get to read about someone just like them. For families who receive a diagnosis of a rare condition, you search everywhere for positive role models and stories that you can share with your children.”
Kristina will be hosting a community book launch at the Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby on Saturday 21st November 2.30pm – 4pm. The event is open to all local families and will welcome children from Clifton Upon Dunsmore Primary School, Diamond Jubilee Centre members and restricted growth support groups. Refreshments will be on offer alongside a host of free children’s activities including a bouncy castle, ride-on toys and soft play.

Strong and Mighty Max (£6.99) is available to buy online from Waterstones, and Troubador Publishing,
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