Finding Your True Love by Joy Roxborough

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, I attended a women’s conference that was geared towards helping women to find their true love. Now, who couldn’t resist a conference such as that? Organised by Mimi Ajala Ministries, the event took place at the Union Jack Club in London, packed out with women—and I spied at least one man in the audience—who were keen to tap into that source of true love, and to perhaps ditch any poor seconds who may have made them offers.

Pastor Ajala’s presentation was based on biblical narratives that were certainly examined and analysed in fresh ways for me, even if they had already been considered by everyone else. At the very outset, one of the main points that stood out for me was how she highlighted the painful reality that the need to be loved was one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life, and it was in that very pivotal area that so many women ended up wounded and all but destroyed – casualties of counterfeit love.

As she continued to unpack the story of the Woman at the Well, other key points that impacted me included her assertion that any unresolved history in your life will always expose you when you least expect it. Her encouragement to women was to be real, and to let Jesus into every area. “Jesus’ promise,” she said, “is to silence the voice of your past by making you face that past.”

Pastor Ajala further exhorted her audience to celebrate the things that were right with them. She reminded us all that if we always ‘celebrate’ what’s wrong with us, then we will always be wrong. “And take responsibility,” she said. “Jesus has life for you. Choose life!”

She continued to share a myriad of encouraging words that space does not allow me to report. The need to condense would betray the enthusiasm, the humour and the stark honesty with which she delivered her presentation. Suffice to say, it was one of those ‘so glad I attended’ events.

Perhaps I’m getting older, and some things just don’t matter in the same way anymore. Or perhaps I’m finally getting it: that no human love can come anywhere near to the love that Jesus offers each of us. It is perhaps this revelation that has caused me to see, for the very first time, the juxtaposition of two polar opposite seasons of love: Valentine’s Day and Easter. The one, offering what often turns out to be a transient, gravel-in-the-mouth, counterfeit thing; the other, offering that sacrificial, unending love that so many women have dreamt about since they were little girls, seeing themselves as princesses and hoping that, one day, someone else would see them in the same way too.

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Quote from Pastor Mimi Ajala

“The truth is that, for many people, life can be a lot of work chasing a dream that never seems to come to pass. However, God has set a life so good for each and every one of us to live and enjoy. It is a desperation to get people to access that truth and live God’s best that pushes me to organise such conferences and to do the things I do.
“For any woman reading, my message to you is this: You were created to be loved and valued. As long as you keep putting yourself in an environment where you are unloved and not valued, you will always malfunction. Keeping yourself in Jesus ensures that you are always loved and valued. “

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