New Guvna B video featuring Nick Brewer

Guvna B is hanging out with his old mates in his latest video release, ‘Someone’s Watching’. In particular, UK rapper, Nick Brewer, features in this video and oh what a beautiful thing to see.

Guvna B and Nick Brewer have been working on tracks together for many years, and regularly feature on each other’s music, so this is nothing new, really. But it’s great to see that, even with Nick’s rise to the next musical industry level in regards to gaining regular play on BBC 1Xtra and the like, he hasn’t left his Christian hip-hop roots behind. In our view, they sound great together.

Their rap flow is similar, but different enough to complement each other.

Both rappers exhibit lyrical finesse on this track, and are actually quite cute, with lyrics that talk about their early days coming to know the Lord and exploring music… Awww. So, in this video, they’re together playing a bit of footy, and just being grateful for where they both are in their lives and individual careers. They reckon ‘Someone’s Watching’ over them.

Someone’s Watching’ is taken from Guvna B’s most recent album, ‘Secret World’, available for download on iTunes.

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