The ESV Youth Bible: Helping young people connect with Scripture


The Bible is not only packed with amazing tales of epic adventures and superhuman deeds, it also contains answers to so many of today’s questions.  But for lots of us it’s a challenge to get to grips with the Scriptures.  The new ESV Youth Bible, with British text, comes to you with extra help and advice to make it easier to find your way round.


The ESV translation


While some Bible versions follow the “thought-for-thought” translation philosophy, and are more inclined to reflect the opinions of the translator and their cultural influences, the English Standard version is a “word-for-word” translation.  It seeks, as far as possible, to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. It’s known for its accuracy and precision and builds on the best Christian scholarship of the last 100 years.


The result is a fresh and compelling Bible translation with a timeless quality that’s trustworthy and true.


It has the kind of beauty, clarity, and dignity that we love to hear and read and retains the Bible’s rich imagery and theological words. Yet its modern style makes it accessible for everyone.


“The ESV is the new first choice for serious students and careful communicators of God’s unchanging word.”

James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel


What’s different about this Youth Bible?


The new ESV Youth Bible is perfect for churched and un-churched teenagers and young adults.  It incorporates a 31-day Bible reading plan to get started, and a clear storyline of the Bible which helps to see how everything fits together.  It also contains help sections on topics such as forgiveness, justice, love and loss – all across 32 colour pages.


Ideal for personal reading and devotional study, it makes a great gift and, in a compact pocket-size, is perfect for taking with you wherever you go.


Churches will also find the ESV Youth Bible a useful outreach resource and a great way to help young people in their church and community connect with Scripture.


Study, grow, share and worship with the classic style and modern, essentially literal, translation of the ESV Youth Bible.


Visit to get your copy for just £8.99 (plus p&p)

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