New course helps churches welcome believers from Muslim background

A GROUND-BREAKING initiative that helps churches welcome Christ’s followers of Muslim background is launched in London on Mon 11 April.


Joining the Family is a unique, six-session course comprising film clips, participants’ workbook, facilitators’ guide and accompanying book. It is part of a trio of resources including Friendship First and Come Follow Me.


(NB The media launch of Joining the Family takes place between 12 and 2pm on Mon 11 April at 22 Chapter St, London, home of Premier Radio).


‘A growing number of Muslims are choosing to follow Jesus Christ in the UK today,’ explains Rev Phil Rawlings, interfaith officer for the Church of England in Oldham. ‘Joining the Family helps churches understand the unique cultural and religious issues facing people from a Muslim background as they seek to be part of a church family. They want to join the Christian community, whether in British churches or in same-background fellowships. We need to understand their needs, care for them and help them grow in Christ.’


The Revd Omid Moludy, mission support priest for cultural diversity in the Diocese of Manchester and priest in charge of Saint Aphrahat, the Persian Sage, said: ‘This resource will be a great help to church leaders as they seek to understand their new believers. I warmly commend Joining the Family and look forward to seeing many churches becoming better equipped to welcome new believers from a Muslim background.’


Church groups will be able to run the course themselves without outside help.


Joining the Family‘s core group is chaired by Rawlings and comprises believers of Muslim background (BMBs), church leaders and disciplers connected with several mission agencies. The teaching content includes 25 interviews with Christian believers of Muslim background and experienced mentors speaking from the heart.


Tim Green (Interserve) and Mojdeh Hawkesley (Elam Ministries) co-present the course with Roxy and Green co-authors of the accompanying book. The production is by Interserve with Carfax Media in partnership with Elam Ministries. The resources are published by


A two-minute introduction to the course can be viewed on Youtube.


Stephen Goddard



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