Battered and Broken to Brave and Beautiful – A Testimony of Domestic Violence Victory

When you haven’t been through it yourself, it’s extremely difficult to imagine how much strength it takes to come out of a relationship infected with domestic violence and abuse, and attempt to rebuild a life with meaning, worth and confidence. To then share your story for the world to see, in a homemade video on Facebook, is a greater display of inner strength and of the level of healing that has taken place through the love of Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year, Manchester-based Worship Minister at Fresh Fire Church in Stockport and mother of one, Leona Grant, took to Facebook to share her moving story of how she found herself in a horrific and life-threatening abusive relationship. Leona shares how only the desire to protect her son finally forced her to leave. She shares how the Lord supernaturally came to her rescue at one of her most alarming abusive encounters, and how His love transformed her from “battered and broken to brave and beautiful”.

When asked why she had decided to share her story so publicly, she said that the Holy Spirit had asked her to do so one evening, after she had returned home from a worship session. Since posting, the video has been shared 372 times and viewed by over 29,000 people! As a result, Leona has been inundated with messages and emails from people who have been touched and encouraged by her testimony.

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