D’Mott – Pastor/Musician/Recording Artist by Milton B Allen

My name is De’Juaine Glen Motley, known professionally as ‘D’Mott’, and I am a gospel artist/musician/producer and songwriter, who happens to be a pastor as well. My connection with the love of God was instilled in me early in life by my parents, who were Christians/believers, and by both sets of grandparents, who were also believers. Not attending church service was never an option, so I had no choice but to get excited about the House of God.

I am really grateful for the opportunities God is opening up in my life, including touring London this month and speaking with Keep The Faith magazine. I am so looking forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in Christ across the ocean.

I am the youngest of three children from Buffalo, New York, and being the baby caused me a lot of displeasure in church, because I wasn’t allowed to show what I could do musically until I was seven years old. My ability to lead was something that I had always wanted to exhibit, but it never seemed as though I would ever get the chance to sing or play at church. My desire to play instruments proved beneficial when the organ player at church gave me a shot to play drums one Wednesday Bible study night. The rest is history. I picked up every instrument I could find to learn how to play. I excelled on the drums and vocals.

As I grew older, my love for God remained evident, but my respect for leaders and the world in general started to diminish the more I grew to understand sin. I lost hope in trusting others and, when I developed hurts in and from the church, it caused me to blame God, and I decided to live both lives of trying to please God a little, and myself plenty! Needless to say that it didn’t work, but I thank God for redemption.

My testimony really isn’t different from anybody else’s, but I have decided to share with the world my story of redemption in my life. In short, I am an ex-everything: ex-liar, ex-adulterer, ex-drug dealer, but God delivered me from myself by showing me myself.

The reason why I pastor, the reason why I sing, and the reason I produce God’s music is because I am most grateful that, out of all the Most High knows about me, He has never failed to extend His perfect grace to me. Professionally, as either a drummer or a singer, I have been fortunate enough to share His talents with artists such as Darwin Hobbs, Beverly Crawford, The Gospel Keynotes, Men of Standard, Lenny Williams, Ben Tankard, Dianna Hobbs, Earth, Wind and Fire and Kool and the Gang. I was blessed to have two singles on ‘The Scroll Movie’ soundtrack, featuring TD Jakes, Marvin Sapp, Noel Jones and Paul Morton.

When God chose me for ministry, I didn’t hesitate. I pastor the Remnant House Outreach Church in Buffalo, NY, where we believe that all emphasis of the faith has to be a movement aimed directly towards touching the heart of God. All are loved and welcome to share in the worshipping of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – no matter what has transpired in our lives and no matter what we’ve done. Having been a believer and sinner, I finally and completely sold out in representing the truth about Christ’s love for us, and that’s why singing has become a focal point of ministry for me. I believe the more the Word flows out of my mouth, the more integrity has to play a role in my life and ministry as an example of redemption.

God has shown me so much mercy that now my life’s purpose is to share with the world that no matter what our personal struggles or hand-ups are, He is waiting to redeem us. The Word of God is clear in the fact that, if we seek Him, we will find Him. I am just a messenger testifying to the fact that it is not God that is lost, it is us. People of God, keep persevering through your struggle with faith in the loving power and mercies of God. The enemy’s greatest trick is to make God look like a liar. Remember that there is nothing that is so powerful, nor any sin that you have committed that can’t be forgiven. God/Christ is our Friend. We win now and in the end.

As I embark on this newest chapter of his life in music ministry, my desires are to encourage men and women in the Gospel, by showing them that God’s grace and mercies are real and they are brand new every day. I want everyone to know his life is testimony that no matter what you’ve done, the love that God has for us never changes towards us!

For more information, visit www.dmottmusic.com.

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