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Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given six weeks to live in 2003, now healed by God and helping others to heal when they come close to Him! God stepped in and healed me with His Healing Word in Genesis 1:29-30.

Having lost a beautiful daughter to cancer in 1989, I started my Get Well Stay Well ministry in memory of her, to spread the suppressed truth about natural health, and to give all the glory to God for our wonderful immune systems, which can heal us against all the odds.

I have just appeared in a nine-episode docu series called The Truth About Cancer, which I urge readers to research. 131 doctors and patients reveal the truth about cancer and other diseases. I have also been invited to become a senior associate of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, and have led two days there for Revelation viewers to my Get Well Stay Well weekly show.

I am now enjoying better health than I have ever had and, at 75, am spreading the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world on “the Church Without Walls” – the wonderful Revelation TV.

I am Felicity Corbin Wheeler, and God has opened a door for me to reach millions each week on Revelation Christian TV. Some watch my weekly, hour-long Get Well Stay Well programme on satellite TV around the world, but the vast majority watch on computers and smartphones.

I am a Channel Islands woman, but grew up in Africa, where I was filled with the Holy Spirit as a child. I trained as a British Red Cross nurse in London, and also worked in the houses of

Parliament as a researcher. It was there I discovered that the food lobbies are very political! The meat and dairy industry and the big pharmaceutical companies have a huge say in how health ministers around the world use strategy for their own agenda.

The current epidemic of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, auto immune disease and all the other labels are, I believe, due to toxicity at cellular level. Our food is now being processed, genetically modified, and is being grown in mineral-depleted soil. So, even if we have the perfect organic vegan diet, we can still get ill because the minerals and vitamins are lacking.

As Bible believers, we know God created us from the dust of the ground, that is, the minerals. We need at least 75 minerals for our cells, our blood, our organs – and therefore our bodies – to be healthy!

Pure water is also essential, and I have discovered that the only unadulterated water is water we distil ourselves, with an inexpensive countertop distiller. So much sickness is caused by heavy metals, chemicals, antibiotics, second hand hormones, that have contaminated our water supply, either public or private in wells.

Many suffer from anxiety and depression as well, due to lack of minerals, vitamin D and natural sunshine. When we have a darker skin, of course, we need much more vitamin D.

And then there is STRESS! Our parents and grandparents lived a much calmer life, many of them growing their own food and working in the fresh air, and they were lithe and fit. Very few were obese. Now, we see such obesity in the western world, where people have changed their diets from healthy natural foods to processed foods and sugary drinks. Sugar is known as the Sweet Deception, and it is deliberately put into our food and drinks by scientists, who are paid a great deal of money to feed our addiction.

We need to return to God’s Genesis creation diet: herbs, fruit, vegetables, seeds, nut and green plant and, when we do, people heal. I did, and thousands of others have also been healed on the Gerson Therapy, which comprises coffee enemas, like colonics, and reverting to organic fruit and vegetable juices. An easy way of getting this raw living food into our bodies is by juicing. We can buy an inexpensive hand-cranked juicer on Amazon.

In these last days, so reminiscent of the Book of Revelation, it is wise, I think, to prepare ourselves to be as independent of governments and authorities as possible. I have come to rely solely on God and my Revelation Family.

I have a very active website,, with masses of free information. If people want more, they can book a one-to-one phone consultation, come on a week’s holiday course, or simply download my 22,800-word Get Well Stay Well Course, or any of my books. Or you can join me on Mondays 12.30 lunchtime, when I do the live show (repeated on Tuesdays at 6am) and again on Saturdays at 10.30am, when I produce and present the live TV show. These are, of course, viewable 24/7 on

I will give you a wave from the TV next time!  Blessings, and Get Well and Stay Well!

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  • 23rd August 2016 at 11:15 am

    Dr Felicity Corbin Wheeler
    I heard you on get well stay well tv .You gave a talk on how bad cows
    milk is for human beings could you tell me where i can find a copy of your talk.

  • 30th November 2023 at 11:26 am

    Your post emphasizes the importance of stay healthy.For more details,Click here.


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