Education – Our Most Powerful Weapon

Nelson Mandela famously stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, and Kingdom Lifestyle Mission (KLM) have proven this to be true… over and over again simply by reaching one child at a time.
Founded in December 2012 by Pastors Alex & Dorcas Gyasi, KLM has the privilege of educating no less than 1200 children every year in 4 countries around the world including Ghana, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Every week, not only do they provide each child with a foundational level of education in English, Maths and Science relevant to their age and location, but they have also supplied clothing and food for these young children, most of whom are coming from poor and/or broken family backgrounds.
On Thursday, July 21st, commencing at 9:30am, KLM will be inviting a core group of people to the British Library on Euston Road, London, to attend an information sharing conference in particularly focusing on the education systems around the world and the many challenges that are faced in these modern times in the educating of our posterity through war, lack of government funding and so forth.
If you are someone who has an interest in Education please do come along and join us – it would be our delight to have you there to hear your views. Seats are limited, so please do CLICK HERE to register.
Light refreshments will be served.

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