Life of Jo Cox celebrated across six continents

“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”. Jo Cox

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Wednesday 22 June 2016: Today, Jo Cox would have turned 42. In memory of Jo, her family, friends and all those who loved and cherished her across the world, came together to show the world there is more that unites us than divides us.

Jo’s love, passion and belief in the humanity of every person in every place was celebrated across six continents. Thousands of people gathered for at least 17 commemorations around the UK and 20 global events across 18 countries from Sarajevo to Bangkok, Buenos Aires and Brussels. Close friends and family gathered along with many who had never met Jo, but were deeply touched by her story.

A floating commemoration on the River Thames brought Jo’s husband Brendan Cox and children from their home to Westminster Pier before the main event in Trafalgar Square, London. Malala Yousafzai, Bill Nighy, Gillian Anderson and Mariella Frostrup were among the speakers in London commemorating Jo’s life, with music from Lily Allen and film contributions highlighting some of the causes Jo dearly supported.

An event in Jo’s hometown of Batley was attended by her parents and sister. International events were also held in Beirut, Melbourne, Nairobi, New York, and Washington DC. A moment of silence was observed at 16.25 BST in London and across six continents.

The Jo Cox Fund exceeded £1.3 million raised by more than over 40,000 donors. The money will be given to causes chosen by Jo’s family in line with her passions and causes she championed.

Jo’s husband, Brendan Cox said: “As amazing and deeply touching as all of this is, I wish I wasn’t here today. Not because I’m ungrateful to the organisers and you all for coming, but because of course I’d rather be with Jo”.

The gathering concluded with a challenge to us all to “love like Jo”. People attending rallies, and thousands more on social media around the world, made personal pledges of how they could love more like Jo Cox had done – with a fierce love that crosses every divide, that sees “more in common” than divides us as people.

“Jo is no longer with us,” said Nick Grono, one of the friends of Jo who organised the event. “But together we can take forward the causes she championed and show that love is stronger than hate, and #LoveLikeJo.”

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