Micah Stampley – ‘To The King…Vertical Worship’ by Milton Allen

On a warm summer’s night in Manchester, something remarkable happened… That night, at Micah Stampley’s debut UK performance of ‘To The King…Vertical Worship’, was a treasured moment of Praise and Worship. As one attendee said, “This was a life-changing experience.” The Holy Spirt moved through the sanctuary of !Audacious Church like a gentle wind, touching each individual there. The spirit of the audience reached a peak when Micah performed his single, ‘Be Lifted’, a praise anthem for the nations that brings us back to our roots with an energetic and enthusiastic praise song, set to the rhythms of West Africa. Stampley sang parts of the song in the Ghanaian Asante language, Twi, and in Spanish. The audience in !Audacious Church would not stop singing the lyric of song, ‘Jesus, we lift Your Name on high, Your Name on high, Be lifted high…’. It was organic. It was wonderful.

To The King… Vertical Worship’ is the eighth recording from the six-time Stellar Award nominee and two-time Dove Award-nominated worship leader on Stampley’s own label, Interface Entertainment, distributed by eOne Entertainment. It marks another scintillating chapter in Micah Stampley’s incomparable music mission. Micah subtitled the project ‘Vertical Worship’ because the 12 praise and worship milestones within are primarily written not ‘about’ God but TO Him – divinely inspired, with wraparound global appeal.

Stampley recently told the Journal of Gospel Music what he means by ‘vertical worship’. “To be categorised as a gospel artist,” he said, “we have to ‘sing’ the Gospel.  I wanted this album to feel like you were at church in praise and worship,” Micah explains. “Record companies say ‘Put your hits at the top, so people can easily find them’. Worship leaders put things together the way worship service should flow.”

Recorded live at Oasis Family Life Church in Dallas, Georgia, the album, co-written with his anointed songwriter wife, Heidi Stampley, is intentional in its Christ-centered message and musical direction. The recording takes listeners to new heights in their personal places of worship, and is one of Stampley’s most passionate recordings. The songs are dedicated to capturing the heart of God through a purely Christ-focused vertical worship experience. From up-tempo praise anthems to intimate ballads and hymns, Micah invites listeners to a praise and worship encounter they will want to experience over and over again.

“God is not obligated to do anything for us just because we have a need.  But He is obligated to fulfil His Word.  So, whenever I have a need, I can put Him in remembrance of His Word.  When you do that and you write from that perspective, the music becomes vertical,” added Stampley.

With the success of his first seven albums, Stampley has travelled around the world, singing and teaching workshops about music ministry.  He recently returned from Johannesburg, South Africa, where he appeared with Tim Godfrey and South African gospel giant, Silly Mahlangu.

Micah’s international roots run deep. The success of all this music resulted in much world touring, including intensive popularity in Africa – from Cape Town and Johannesburg to Nigeria. Coincidentally, among the most fascinating blessings of Micah’s life was being adopted by His Royal Majesty Drolor Bosso Adamtey I, King of the Se (formerly Shai) kingdom of Ghana, West Africa, in a 2008 ceremony attended by dignitaries, power players and media from around the globe. The adoption made Micah a prince. The two men met when Micah was asked to be music minister over a luncheon in Riverside, California. The King was profoundly moved, speaking prophetic words over Micah and Heidi before all present. The King, who had two daughters, had been praying for a son. God stepped in, blessing the King and Micah with the desires of their hearts. Two years later, the King sent for Micah and Heidi, spending a weekend laying out his royal design.

“My gift made room for me,” Micah says humbly. “God said, ‘I brought you back to the place you were born, to birth a new relationship.’ Now I am an ambassador crowned Prince Martey Kwabla Adamtey. There’s a lot of history…African slavery began in Ghana. The first slave castle ever built is there on the Gold Coast. Over time, the Se people have been scattered abroad. We want them to come home. There are plans afoot to make our beautiful state a tropical mountain paradise. My father is even willing to give them land, so my responsibility is great. It’s not just wearing a crown and living a life of luxury.”

Coupled with his responsibilities as a father to four biological sons: Brandon, Micah II, Adam and David, biological daughter Mary, and adopted son, Desmond Martin—all of whom sing, three of them on this record—Micah stays busy, acting in TV (“House of Payne”) and film (“Anchorman 2”), indulging his passion for gourmet cooking, and coaching his kids’ basketball and track teams. “I was a track and field athlete,” Micah concludes. “I thought the Olympics was my destiny, but God had another plan. Our gifts will always put us in positions, but if you don’t have the character to go with it, it won’t last. You’ve got to have the fruit of the Spirit.”

The fruit of the Spirit is bountifully revealed within Micah Stampley’s ‘To The King…Vertical Worship’.



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