National Prayer Weekend 23-25 September

Join in with thousands of others praying for their local communities: 23–25 September 2016

At the heart of the National Prayer Weekend is a desire to see Christians across the world praying for their local areas by gathering prayer requests and introducing people to the God who loves them. Mick Brooks, Chief Executive of CWR, explains:

‘From head teachers at our local schools to our next-door neighbours, we want everyone to discover the love of Jesus through the blessing of prayer. Churches, groups and individuals are being invited to engage with their communities in prayer, asking for prayer requests from individuals, organisations and institutions in order to transform their lives through personalised prayer on the National Prayer Weekend.’

The National Prayer Weekend is a reminder that change can start with us. Imagine how many lives could be transformed, schools encouraged and local businesses supported if we asked the people around us whether we can pray for them?

More than 1,300 churches, individuals and small groups joined in with the National Prayer Weekend last year. Here is the feedback received from just a few of the events:

‘One lady responded telling us that she felt that she didn’t qualify to be prayed for as she didn’t come to church. Yet she asked us to pray for her own health situation and anxieties. She later contacted us to say that she didn’t feel the need to walk with her support crutch anymore as she had felt such a peace flood her, over the prayer weekend, and a filling of strength and energy!’

‘We had a really amazing time during our National Prayer Weekend event last year. We had prepared for it by contacting our local MPs, councillors, schools and shops as well as many friends, neighbours and family members, inviting people to suggest anything they might like prayer for. We had some amazing and unexpected requests from those we had contacted, as well as prayer requests from Australia, South Africa, Romania, Spain, Cornwall, the House of Commons, several local councillors and a number of people who would never admit to having a church connection.’

 ‘Our church opens onto the pavement, and people stood there inviting people in. We experienced the wonder of seeing how God worked, the people who came forward to help, and the responses on the day. We praise God for what is continuing to happen.’

‘We felt that this was just the start of something.’

CWR are praying expectantly for even more churches and people to join in this year. We’re looking forward to the hearing the responses from those praying all across the UK and the world. Why not get involved? Here’s how …

Join in

Visit to get your location pinned on the map and make the most of the free prayer resources to help plan your prayer weekend.

Get thinking about prayer

CWR have been working with Carla Harding and Pete Greig from 24-7 Prayer, to create Living on a Prayer. This booklet, written especially for the National Prayer Weekend 2016, offers a direct look at how effective prayer can be in our daily lives and invites people to think about prayer in a relatable and contemporary way. Available in packs of ten, this is an ideal resource to give out to friends and neighbours too!

Spread the word

Follow National Prayer Weekend on Facebook and @NPWtogether on Twitter, and share your prayer stories, pictures and ideas. You can also email us at

We believe that local people praying for their community can in turn affect the whole nation. One life, one street, one community at a time.

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