New Artist ‘Akin’ Drops Hot Debut Single

We’re always so excited when we can show off and say that we have new hotness hailing from our home city, Manchester. A new artist to the gospel scene, with a ‘smooth like butter’ RnB flavour, is Akin.

His debut single, ‘Questions’, dropped on 5th June and has got everyone talking. After a number of years of doing backing vocals for various artists, including his friend and musical mentor, David B, Akin is stepping out of the background and owning the fore!

About the release of his new single, Akin said: “I’m extremely excited to share my music with the masses. I’ve been working on my sound and artistry for many years and, though there is still a lot of discovery to do in my journey as an artist, I’m ready to show the people what I’ve spent so many years working on. I had to take my time with this single and, because of that, I’m very pleased with how the music has evolved into a sound that I’m really proud of.”

Akin is most definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

Listen to ‘Questions’ at

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