Redeemed Gangster Rapper, Cerose, Drops ‘Biblically Offensive’ Album

The UK Gospel hip-hop scene is being turned upside down with the arrival of new artist, Cerose, who states that his music is “…biblically offensive, but it’s what people need to hear”.

On a mission to share the message of Jesus and point people to righteousness, Cerose has a particular interest in using rap music to prophesy of Jesus’ return; wake up the sleeping church; point lost souls to the Christ, and to expose wickedness, false prophets and false teachings. This is evidenced in his debut single, ‘Milenium Reign’, where he proves he is not afraid to communicate his message with frank and direct lyrics, such as: “It’s peak for a church leader, fam; mislead the people with false teaching and false healing to deceive the believers, and all they trying to do is meet their Redeemer, fam.” And, “Praise my God I don’t care to be PC; I speak the truth cos I know that He sees me.”

Prior to salvation, Cerose was an ex-convicted drug dealer who served two prison sentences. He is also no stranger to the world of music. The rapper has a long history honing his craft in Jamaican dancehall as a youth, and later making a name for himself as a UK underground ‘gangster rapper’, racking up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and working alongside artists such as Gigs, Blade Brown and Ghetts.

Now, fuelled with a “passion like a burning fire for God” and a record deal with London rap label, ‘FEROmedia’, Cerose is set to drop his debut gospel album, entitled ‘Maranatha’, that is almost guaranteed to challenge some religious perceptions and ruffle some feathers.

Maranatha’, released into the national charts in June 2016, is available at all usual digital outlets.

Watch Cerose’s ‘Milenium Reign’ video, the lead single off the ‘Maranatha’ album, at

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