Remembering Barry Morrison 1960-2016

Passionate, talented, dedicated and creative are some of the adjectives awarded to the people’s guitarist, Barry Morrison. There are more words to describe his character that matched his talent; they are patient, caring, generous and genuine.

Barry was known to support many choirs and groups, even if it meant him travelling long journeys and going the second, third and fourth mile to help. He was music director in Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Luton (HQ), where he worshipped.

Some of the choirs he played for included: 90s UK Chosen, which was led by Simon Wallace; COGIC Mass Choir; Wood Green Mass Choir (New Testament) and, more recently, UpMass Choir. He also played for international and UK artists, including The Clarke Sisters, Dorinda Clark Cole, Lurine Cato, Mark Beswick, Michael Bethany, Roger Samuels, Lorraine Clarke McGhie, Psalm, Voices of Zion, The McGhie Family and many more!

Whilst being apart of the UK Chosen choir, Barry featured in a TV advert for Mercedes Benz that aired in 1999. He also played alongside some of UK Gospel’s greatest musicians, eg. Nicky Brown, Jerry Brown, Freddie Thompson and Sean Roberts.

He is survived by his wife, Marcia, and his three sons, who all continue to excel musically: Jason, a pianist, composer, arranger and producer; Andrew, a music producer, manager of an actor called Jazzie Zonzolo and a praise & worship leader; and Matthew, a gifted drummer who was taught by Jerry Brown and Jerome Pierre.

Barry used his God-given talent to play across the world – the USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Spain and across the United Kingdom. He still took time out to share his skill to teach others, and he would always say to his students to “be yourselves and to develop your own craft, so that in time you can have your own style”. He wanted to motivate the student to be the best that they can be.

An avid tennis player, an engineer, a great father and everybody’s brother, Barry Morrison may not have been in the forefront of the press and media, because he was quietly efficient and a wonderful example, but we all know there is a gap and that he is missed! #RIP   Marlene Cato

Photo Credit: Michael A Jacobs

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