An audience with Owen Deacon by Alan Springer

An audience with Owen Deacon is indeed an experience, sweeping listeners and onlookers off their feet with the dynamism of his delivery, the intricacy of his compositions, and the poetic evangelism of his lyrics, due to a background rich in musical and biblical education. And yet, for all his talent, he remains a man of great humility.

His musical journey began in secondary school, where he spent two years as a trombonist in the Brent Youth Orchestra. Owen then further honed his skills at Goldsmith College in south east London, where he studied composition, music theory and vocals.

What followed is a walk along a path of musical growth, from gigging lovers rock band Classic Black and jazz band Sound Affair, to supporting artists such as Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson and Loose Ends. Among his long list of achievements are also recordings with Caron Wheeler (lead singer of Soul II Soul), Noel McKoy (from the group McKoy) and Steve Hillage.

It was somewhere after this time that Owen Deacon sought to know more about the Word, and went through two years of Bible study, which led to his salvation through Christ and gave way to his gospel artistry. Needless to say, his music continued on, including performances with reggae’s top guns, such as Luciano and Gregory Isaacs in 2003.

Revealing a unique vocal style, it is hardly surprising that he has been inspired by, and often compared to, great vocalists such as Bill Withers, Frankie Beverley, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley.

Owen is also equally at home in the studio as he is doing live performances. In 2000, he marked the New Millenium with the soulful vulnerability of My God Mon Ami, which prepared the ground for the triumphant sounding and versatile album Crossover. The album was showcased in March this year in London, with well known artists, such as Noel McKoy and UK gospel artists Donna Gardier and Charmain, and has its own film in the works.

Since giving his life to Christ, Owen’s love for God and willingness to be a servant have led him to a variety of work for the church as youth worker, praise and worship leader and men’s fellowship organiser. In music, he now performs at churches up and down the country, either to support fundraising activities or to minister in praise and worship. Among his appearances include those with Bazil Meade and Bishop John Francis, and another with members of Sounds of Blackness as backing vocalists.




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