‘Brent for Jesus’ fundraising single

Are the churches doing enough to tackle the growing level of youth crime? As the number of young Black men dying on the streets of the London keeps increasing, many people in the Black community are asking whether the Black churches could or should be doing more to tackle youth crime.

Harlesden-born Owen Deacon has been battling with this question. Working with a project in Brent, Brent for Jesus, he has used his singing and musical talent to produce a single, ‘In Jesus’, which he hopes to use to raise well needed funds to support the work of this charity.

Britain’s Black churches are the largest organised Black groups in the country, and critics are calling for them to wield their influence to try to tackle this growing problem. So far this year, eight* young people, most of whom are young Black men, have been killed on London streets (*at time of going to print).

Brent for Jesus was founded in 1990. It’s a ministry, which comprises a group of churches that have united with one specific agenda: to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the borough.

Brent for Jesus is a small project with no government funding, which works towards keeping children off the streets of Brent and, hopefully, out of the clutches of gangs. All monies raised from the sale of this single will be used to fund the project’s work.

Owen knows only too well many of issues some of these young people are dealing with, having had a difficult childhood himself. “I was asked to write a song for the cause, and I saw it as an opportunity to make a real contribution to the good work taking place on behalf of the youth in Brent.” Explained, Owen.

In Jesus’ is available on iTunes, Rhapsody and all electronics media sites. Owen’s new album, ‘Word & Man,’ is out now and can be downloaded from all major digital platforms.

To find out more about Brent For Jesus, visit www.Brent4jesus.org

Evadney Campbell MBE

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