Take Action To Support Farmers Struggling With Climate Change This Harvest Time

This Harvest time, Christian Aid is asking churches across the UK to support our global neighbours, to make sure they have the means to grow plentiful crops in a world increasingly affected by the consequences of climate change.
For many rural communities in Kenya, harvest has become an increasing struggle as the arid conditions make it difficult for crops to thrive.  The rains are erratic and unpredictable, and as the impacts of climate change intensify, the situation is getting worse.
For years, Rodah, who lives in Kalawani village, Eastern Kenya walked up to 10 kilometres daily to get water, just to try and keep her crops alive.  Her two jerry cans weighed 18 kilograms – the same as two car tyres.
Despite her backbreaking efforts, Rodah’s harvest was never enough.  Consequently, she couldn’t afford to send her children to school.
Christian Aid and its local partner organisation, Anglican Development Service East (ADSE), a branch of the Anglican Church in Kenya, built a sand dam in Rodah’s village, keeping precious water from the river close to the community, so they are able to nurture their land, grow their crops and earn an income.  Additionally, ADSE provided drought-resistant seeds and agricultural training, further transforming the lives of Rodah’s community.
With her earnings, Rodah has been able to buy water pipes and a pump, and now her farm is flourishing.  She is now able to send her children to school.
Christian Aid provided the community with cameras so they can document their success and share their own stories.  They’re even using the photos to lobby the government, to make sure the changes they’re seeing last.
Claire Whitmore, Church Resources Manager at Christian Aid, said: “When Harvest time comes in church, we share with our neighbours and we praise God for providing all we need to eat.  Sadly, for many of our global neighbours, like Rodah, life isn’t so easy.

“Through the work of Christian Aid’s Anglican partner organisation in Kenya, we are able to support climate change-affected communities grow enough food to eat.

“With your support, through giving, acting and praying this harvest time, you can join hundreds of churches to sow the seeds of transformation for thousands of people like Rodah.  Imagine the harvest your generosity could make possible!”
For more information and ways to get your church involved this harvest time, visit www.christianaid.org.uk/harvest.
In October, join thousands of people up-and-down the country for the Speak Up week of action.  People will be inviting their MPs to events to celebrate the people, places and communities like Rodah’s that we need to protect from climate change. To find out more about events in your area, visit www.christianaid.org.uk/climateweek
Melanie Hargreaves

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