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Pegasus Opera is embarking on a new Era after 24 years of staging pioneering productions both locally, nationally and internationally. This event sees the start of Pegasus Opera presenting exciting new shows with the run up of its 25th Year in 2017. A Symphony of Voices features outstanding international opera singers in the UK. Performance starts at 7pm with a drinks reception at 8.30pm on Thursday 13 October at the Actors Church Covent Garden, Bedford Street, London WC2E 9ED. Tickets £20. Box office Information 07973797278. / @PegasusOpera



  1. Tell us about Symphony of Voices

A: We’ve brought together 4 of our International Opera Professionals to help us celebrate Black History Month 2016, singing music by  Verdi, Puccini,  Mascagni, Gershwin and Negro Spirituals among others.


  1. What do you hope people will gain from coming along to the concert

A: To have a wonderful evening celebrating Black History Month, listening to some wonderful music supporting these Black international opera Singers; To also know about and support Pegasus Opera in the community and share in some delights from the Caribbean at the reception.


  1. For people who don’t know please introduce Pegasus Opera Company

A: Pegasus Opera Now in its 24th Year is the leading multiracial touring Opera Company in the UK, creating opportunities for BAME (Black Asian multi Ethnic) Artists, preparing them for National and International Houses. We have three strands to our work, our Professional Productions; Our educational work in Schools and our Work in the local community through our inter-generational Choir. We seek to demystify Opera and make it accessible to all. We strive and practice Harmony in Diversity.


  1. Tell us a bit more about yourself as an artistic director and performer

A: I have been running Pegasus Opera now for 24 years and its my purpose to create opportunities for BAME Artists in the world of Opera allowing them the opportunities to gain experience in performances so they can compete on the world stage of the opera world. I have as a performer myself Sung nationally and internationally to include English National Opera; Royal Opera House Covent Garden; Glyndebourne Festival Opera; Opera North, Opera National de Lyon, Lincoln Centre New York; Ireland;  Portugal;  Africa; France; among others.


  1. Who inspires you

A: Two amazing black opera singers – Leontyne Price and Marion Anderson


  1. Tell us about your faith

A: I am a Seventh Day Adventist, Believing in Honoring Gods 10 commandments. therefore a Christian and a Sabbath Keeper.


  1. Does your faith impact on your work or is it separate

A: Its separate and it does Impact on my work especially when I am keeping the Sabbath from Sunset Friday to Sunset on Saturday. I avoid working on the Sabbath in honor and memory of Gods Creation and as we are instructed through the 10 commandments.








  1. For those that don’t know about Opera music – how do you get people interested

A: By exposing them to the music, especially to a live performance, but initially choosing the right music for them to be exposed to .


  1. Fundraising must be difficult how can people get involved

A: Yes it’s very difficult and a very competitive market, people can get involved by donating to the organisation; becoming a Friend of Pegasus and  supporting the organisation through its projects by financial means; they can also join out inter-generational choir.


  1. What’s next for Pegasus Opera

A: We are seeking support for our next major project , Let the Music In , a project designed to develop new audiences for Opera. Commissioning of Equiano- Sons of Africa and Mandela – the Opera and to also embark on staging a new production of a Traditional Opera (To be determined). And resuming our Inter-generational Choir in Partnership with Brixton Tate Library .


Symphony of Voices at 7pm with a drinks reception at 8.30pm on Thursday 13 October at the Actors Church Covent Garden, Bedford Street, London WC2E 9ED. Tickets £20. Box office Information 07973797278.  / @PegasusOpera


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