Keep the Faith Issue 99

Welcome to the 99th issue of Keep The Faith magazine. It’s Christmas! A very special time of the year that is celebrated by all, and a time for loving and giving. This season is also always a good time to pause and reflect, and there has certainly been a lot of reasons to reflect in 2016, with Brexit; US police killings of Black people; issues of racial profiling, police brutality and racial inequality in the United States; #BlackLivesMatterUK; a new UK Prime Minister and the US presidential elections. With all the unrest and intolerance in the world right now, I hope the spirit of Christmas enables you and yours to find acceptance and peace. Stay safe, healthy and happy – however you choose to celebrate the season. As we end 2016 and enter into the New Year, we will face a new set of challenges and opportunities. My prayer for you all is that these challenges and opportunities will be positive, prosperous and particularly providential.


Shirley McGreal

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